Rendez-vous at ten with the boss. For some reason, he picked some coffee shop in the middle of town instead of something private. 

I push the door open and enter the place, looking around for my contact who's sitting in a corner booth away from sigh of most people in the place. I'm out of place in my trench and sun glasses but strangely no one seems to pay attention to me.

"Jones." The young man who hired me says. "Where's Jacobs?"

"Dead." I say, looking down, it takes a while to sink in... My best friend's dead... And I hardly care... Something in me stirs up, forcing me to repress a growl, the boss looks at me as my arms shake from the effort.

"What about the target?"

"Dead too." I say under my breath. 

"The bodies?" He then ask.

"Police showed up, I couldn't finish."

He let out a displeased sigh and I feel the anger burning stronger. He then sets down a key on the table pushing it toward me. "Half the job was completed. You get half the pay. Locker 162 at the train station. Check in tomorrow.

I sigh and grab the key before leaving. Once again, nobody cares or notice me... It must be one of his trick...

The night is young, fresh and I'm hungrier than ever before, guess I'll pick something on the way home...

The End

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