-John - 2 hours earlier-

Murder job on the plateau tonight.
Jake don't want me to call it that, but I call a cat a cat. We're killing people for money.The target's a banker, he's been blackmailing the boss with embarrassing evidences... Not a smart idea.

The mark's house isn't hard to spot, it's surrounded by a high brick fence that might as well be called a fortress. They're not pretty either, he probably expected trouble. The steel grid at the entrance is closed too. There's no way in...

But not for us, we just jump and grab the ledge of the wall before pulling us on top easily and then jumping down on the opposite side. As we approach the house silently, we split up, me on the front door and Jake taking the back.

The door isn't hard to open, a hit with my knife in the right place and the locks give away, letting me in. The silence of the night inside the house is only broken by the sound of a dying fire and light snore coming from the den that is the center of the house.

I move quietly inside the doorless room where a man, the target is sleeping on a recliner. On the opposite side of the room, Jake signals me as we move closer. After a few steps, the man rises up looking at me. Damn, he wasn't sleeping...

"I've been expecting you." He says, pointing a shotgun at me. "You're here to kill me."

I freeze, not wanting to get shot. If he hasn't shot me yet, he's got a reason. I try to look him in the eyes to avoid alerting him to Jake's presence. 

"I've already called the police, they'll be here in a minute."

Behind him, Jake's about to stab him in the jugular when A thunderous boom explode in the room, the roar of a shotgun... Reflexively, I crash down on the floor to avoid getting shot.

I get back up when I notice Jake's not there anymore... His corpse now decorate the Persian rug. Another man comes in the room, an automatic shotgun in hand. 

"Meet my son, Daniel." The banker exclaim in glee.

Before the newcomer and his father can shoot me, I leap forward, faster than they anticipated and stab the blade of the x-acto knife into the mark's throat before using him as a meat shield. 

A shell hits the man and a large segment of flesh explode. HE rounds, huzzah... At Daniel, I throw the useless body of his father before rushing him, stabbing him a dozen times. 

The siren of the cops cars begin filling the air. I look at my partner, now laying on the floor, his head only holding to his body by a tiny stretch. He's gone...

And just as the first cop enter the den, so am I...


The End

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