Blood on the IceMature

(Multiple POV - First draft, it can be a bit schizo about it )
So, you want to see a vampire story? You want something romantic, something dark and broody? A tale about a forbidden love? a tale about redemption for the wicked?
You will be served...But remember, there's always a price, One you don't want to pay...


I'm laying comfortably in my bed, half asleep and dreaming when a hand touches me and shakes me awake.

"Leave me alone..." I hush in a low tone grumbling.

"Cassandra Cross!" My mother says, scolding me for god knows what. "You're skipping school again?" she then adds. 

I open my eyes and search for the alarm. It takes a few seconds for me to notice it had been tossed against the wall and broken... I must have thrown it when I was sleepwalking, a common thing with me.

I jump out of bed quite literally and ask my mother "Shit, what time is it?"

She sigh and answers "Late enough that if you go now you'll catch the last class"

Rapidly, I grab some clothes and head for the bathroom. I don't have time to shower so I just tidy up my red knotted mess that is supposed to be my hair and fix it into a pony tail. No time to put make up either so I just change and leave the place wearing a baggy sweater and matching jeans.

To complicate my already horrid day, heavy snow has fallen, slowing things down... "At least it's not too cold." I mutter, shivering a bit.

I'm late when I enter the classroom and I feel all eyes. "Come on in, Cass" The professor says, a man who's barely a year or two above my age. "But you know the rule for late people." He says with a nearly sadistic smile.

"I do..." I sigh, As cool as Mr.Lincoln can be, he really dislike late comers. After taking it from his desk, he hands me a sheet with with some text highlighted. I already know it by heart so I don't even look at it.

In front of the whole class, I'm forced to read the chorus to "baby" by Beiber... Which is funny when you're not on the receiving end...

After some good old embarrassment, I go and sit down in one of the few remaining places, skipping the fat man and the bimbo, I sit next down to a Gothic looking dude I don't remember seeing before.

"Hey" I say, my heart beating from the nervosity of being the center of attention. 

The guy doesn't say anything but he looks at me for a second before turning away.

"What a nice guy." I mutters under my breath. 

A take out my note books and then search all around my bags when I notice that I didn't bring my glasses; I can't even read my notes without them, so writing down new stuff is not an options. I swear quietly and instead focus on trying to remember the teacher, which I can see perfectly since I'm farsighted...

For the rest of the class, the professor explains with a passion the basics of Hermetic philosophy. 

When the class ends, I'm about to get up when Emo-guy hands me some paper which I reluctantly accept. I stretch my arm so I can read it and notice it's the class notes he took, written down in a meticulous fashion as compared to mine. 

"Oh... Thanks!" I say with a smile looking at him...

He's already gone... I sigh and head out too, I've got an hour before I start work.

The End

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