A man appeared before everyone who was watching a screen in the morning. Anyone listening to a radio or device of some kind heard a crackle of static and then the man spoke.
“I can't explain things to you fully. But your government is planning something grave. The only option is to leave the dome.” Throughout the dome there was a collective gasp, leave their last safe haven? They couldn't do that, it was dangerous outside. They'd been told so since they were little.

“I know you find that idea absurd. But trust me, the alternative isn't worth it. They plan to enslave humanity and use them as cattle. Granting only those with special blood something close to a nice life,” He continued. Most people gruffed and waited for their government to intercept and stop this whole thing. And while the witches tried to do so. The girl off-screen fought they're every attempt. Using innate skills she didn't yet recognise.
“I know most of you still don't buy the story. And want to believe whole-heartedly in your government. I come from another time and I'd hope to see changes in the way humanity worked. But it seems as if it's gotten worse. And I accuse those who rule the dome. They think they are higher than humans. But for people who think they can dictate a better way for humans, their quite happy to let them die on level one.” The younger ones, with open minds mull his words. They glance to their parents, some starting to bend, some point blank refusing to listen.

“At midnight tonight. I leave this place. I hope to see more of you at the front gates on level one. If not, hope you don't regret your decision too badly.” Then the transmission ended. Within seconds the government sent one out, warning of an escaped mental patient. The majority quickly accept this explanation, not wanting their bubble of life disturbed. But that night, Azazel and Lillian didn't leave the dome alone.

The End

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