Chapter SevenMature

Chapter Seven - Lillian

“They can't do that, I mean you won't co-operate. Why would the others,” I said, going against Azazel rule and grabbing his arms. He didn't pull away and instead took my hand.
“I'm one person with my own morales. Maybe two or three will share them. But I imagine the majority would more than enjoy the regimes the witches imagine,” Azazel said. I felt my legs give out as I tried to breath. They couldn't do this, it's too insane. Enslave humanity and raise the demons for that purpose.
“How would they guarantee control over the demons?” I asked.
“Magic as a final resort. But as long as they allowed them to kill every once in a while they would be content,” he said, refusing to meet my gaze. Something about the action made my heart stutter and I had no choice but to ask.

“Would you let them use you like that?” Azazel studied me carefully before replying, choosing his words carefully.
“If I didn't, they would force me too. The only way to guarantee freedom would be to leave. But I doubt all the humans will follow. You could stay, being a witch, you can have a nice life. Then when you have control over what abilities you have, you can fight back from the inside. And I would from the outside,” Azazel said. I shook my head.
“And how would you get by? You need blood,” I pointed out. He shrugged.
“I would find a way...” He trailed off.

“No, I have a plan,” I said and stood up. I opened the cabinet under the computer and pulled out the recorder. Azazel gave it a confused glance so I explained what it would do. I explained how I could hack the whole system. That we could broadcast a message to every level. It took some convincing, but he agreed.

The End

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