Chapter SixMature

Chapter Six - Azazel

“Level two, right?” The man asked as he started the descent. Lillian opened her mouth to say yes and I quickly stopped her with a whisper
“Where does your mother work?” I asked, she raised an eyebrow at me but got the message. Even if she didn't understand my reasoning behind it.
“Actually, I need to go to level three, I'll find my own way home from there,” She said. The man shrugged and stopped a level early.
“Understand that you are still allowed to join the coven. Even if you don't, your status on the system has been altered,” The man said. Another thing I didn't know about, but judging Lillian's expression she did.
“To what?” she asked, eyes narrowed slightly.

“It's changed from level two student to level ten student, it'll stay that way even if you refuse the training the coven has to offer. Obviously when you leave normal schooling it will alter to employed. Whether you have a job or not,” He explained.
“That's insane...” Lillian murmured, shock taking over her face.
“The perks of being special,” he said, somewhat cynically before driving off. Lillian stared into the distance, taking everything in. She let out a big breath and turned to face me, forced smile at the ready.
“What did he mean by system?” I asked and straight away her smile faltered.
“The system is a network that stores data about each person. Different things come with different statuses. As a level two student I got some money towards travel. But they made me a level ten. That means I just need to use my ID card in theory for...anything...” Lillian trailed off, biting her lip. She shook her head and started walking towards what must be the main road.

“So why do you want to go my mums work?” she asked.
“Why are you upset about the system thing? It sounds like a good thing,” I said, ignoring her question because clearly this other matter was upsetting her. And I didn't like seeing that in the slightest. She stopped walking and half turned to look at me, then away. She winged her fists out as she searched for her words and let out something similar to a growl.
“It bothers me because it's unfair,” she finally said.
“Life is unfair,” I pointed out, which earnt me a full-on glare.
“Yeah, well before you entered my life things were normal. Just this morning there was nothing weird or supernatural going on. Now it's midnight and I'm a witch with a demon following her around, trying to figure out what those b***** upstairs are planning. Because I know it's wrong and I have to stop it and I have no clue how and-” I covered her mouth with my hand and she glared at me over it.

“Calm down, I want to stop them too. That won't happen if you start blaming me,” I said. She pushed my hand away and kept walking.
“I know that,” I heard her mutter. I suppressed the urge to laugh because I knew it would just anger her further.
“So, why my mums work?” she finally asked, her voice still a little shaky.
“Because I get the feeling they've suspected your mother was a witch for some time. You were the confirmation of it. I'm just wondering if her current project is linked to their plan,” I explained. She snorted but didn't stop leading the way round side-streets. It looked like we were going to end up near the wall itself at this rate.

The End

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