Chapter Five Part TwoMature

“I don't understand...” I trailed off, because saying “anything” might've made them laugh at me.
“I didn't when they first brought here too,” Poppy said, covering my hand with hers and giving a reassuring squeeze.
“Somehow,” Azazel began to explain for them, “Witches are in control of humans. I'm pretty sure that wasn't happening all those years ago,” Azazel finished. Kendra laughed and stood up to face him, arms crossed.
“Those were the dark days, things have changed a lot since then. We remain secret, but very much in charge. It's an unfortunate affair that you have woken up ahead of schedule, but it's one we will deal with,” Kendra replied.

“Why was I even there? Demons are no friends of witches if I recall correctly.”
“As I said, times have changed. The humans won't be able to keep living for much longer,” Kendra replied, and her choice of words made me shiver.
“Then why plan to wake us? If there are no humans, that leaves witches,” Azazel replies and Kendra laughed.
“But I have humans, they rely on my people to provide food and water, whether they are aware of it or not.”
“So you're planning to enslave them? I still don't understand where demons fit in this plan,” Azazel said, crossing his arms.

“Stop it!” I yelled, eyes shut tight. They both paused to watch me. Poppy giving me confused looks.
“My parents are human,” I said and Kendra scoffed.
“Dear, your mother is a witch too. It would explain her incredible achievements in science,” Poppy explained, sending Kendra a small glare.
“And my dad?” I asked.
“He wouldn't be harmed in any way due to his relation to you,” Poppy said with a reassuring smile.
“And my schoolmates?” I asked, her smile faltered.
“We cannot spare everyone. Understand that those with a connection to you can be afforded some kind of freedom. But anyone else is just a resource,” Kendra said, her voice cold. Poppy sent her another glare but nodded in agreement with her words. I held back a retort as I spoke.
“So why am I here?” I asked.

“Because you're a witch of course. We will help you gain control of whatever abilities you hold and when the time comes you'll join us in ruling. Its too late for your mum to learn anything outside her natural powers. But you could grow to be incredible. In theory, we've yet to establish your magical boundaries,” Poppy explained, her voice growing more enthusiastic as she went.
“Can I refuse?”
“W-why would you?” Poppy asked, blue eyes wide. Even Kendra seems truly surprised by my words.

“Because I want to,” I replied. Well aware I was sounding immature and petty. But if I say its because of their attitude towards humans I might face bigger issues.
“Then you're making a big mistake,” Kendra said.
“Maybe,” I replied, then I stood up and left. Somehow I made it to the door, down he stairs and out the building without trembling legs. The man from earlier was waiting with the door open for me.

“What about Azazel?” I asked as I slid inside. The man got into the drivers side, but didn't start it.
“That depends on what the mistress' decide,” he said. I was surprised that his voice wasn't deeper and that he'd actually talked to me.
“Are you a witch too?” I asked, figuring he was in the know.
“Only women can be witches, men can just carry the blood,” he explained, shifting uncomfortably. I opened my mouth to ask another question but the door opening interrupted me. I let out a breath I didn't realise I was holding and moved across so that Azazel could get in.
“What happened?” I asked.
“Not now,” Azazel told me as the man shifted the car into gear and headed back down. If he felt offence at being excluded he didn't show it.

The End

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