Chapter FiveMature

Chapter Five - Lillian

So much for the the strong demon helping us escape. I didn't fight as a second man grabbed me. We were led up the stairs and through the building again, past the normal jail cells. The main area was empty. I wondered why they had a police station up here. No one on level ten put themselves at risk by committing crime. Or they were so far up the chain they could get away with murder. Another car, sleek and black. There was a metal grate separating the back and front this time. I turned to Azazel but he wasn't testing if it was painted over silver or not. I scratched away at some of it and sure enough grey gave way to shiny.

“What do you think will happen?” I whispered, sensing we'd be shouted at if caught talking.
“I don't know. I don't understand this new world. But the surprise was clear on your face. They'll realise you just got caught in this by accident and let you go,” he replied, that last part seemed too hopeful despite him using confident words. I wondered where they were going to take us when the car began to fly upwards.
“I thought there was only ten levels,” Azazel said, watching as a new line of metal and vivid green grass went past. A huge, white-washed building stood before us.

“So did I,” I replied, as the car stopped. From what I could see this small section with the building was all there was of this unknown level. I braced myself for being dragged out when my door was opened but the man just waited patiently for me to leave. Azazel on the other hand was harshly yanked out and thrown onto the sandstone tiles that made up the main path, the one that led to the huge oak doors of the building. I slid out, eyeing the man suspiciously as I did, but he didn't make any movements in my direction. Once I was out he closed the door and gestured for me to walk forward. I hesitated, sending a glance towards Azazel, he'd stopped struggling and was instead studying the building with blazing red eyes.
“Where are we?” I asked, since they seemed to be leaving me alone so far. The man didn't even turn and kept leading the way with brisk footsteps.

I had the feeling these guys didn't work for the police with their neat, pitch-black suits and shades. It's so stereotypical, I'd laugh, except I was still too scared of what awaited us inside. The man held a finger to his ear and muttered something. A couple seconds later the huge double doors opened. The first thing I saw was a wide, elegant staircase made of dark wood. A red carpet leading the way up, the same red carpet that covered the entrance area. I didn't want to think about how much it cost as I continued to walk on it. Most certainly leaving mud as I did. A small part of me wanted to take my shoes off to see how deep and soft it was, but I resisted it.
At the top of the stairs was another huge door. I'd joke that they were making up for something, but even if it'd been an ordinary door, I'd still be damn scared.

“Ah, they're here,” A husky female voice said as we entered. I didn't now what to expect, but a bunch of people lounging on sofas wasn't it. The men that held Azazel threw him onto the floor on the other side of the room, well away from the strangers. I noticed the guy who'd been leading the way gave the barest of nods in their direction then left with the other men. I stood there awkwardly as their eyes studied every inch of me. The women who had spoken had coffee skin and carefully sculpted hair. She didn't even need the beautiful green dress to make her beautiful. In fact I couldn't help but note how unnaturally beautiful every single person was.

“Don't look so nervous dear. I'm Kendra,” The women said, standing up and moving towards me. I pushed away the urge to step back as she took my hand and led me to sit next to where she'd been sitting.
“It's Lillian, correct?” Another women asked with a lilting voice. Her appearance was a complete contrast to Kendra. This women had near-white hair and pale blue eyes. Similar to Kendra, her smile seemed genuine and confused me.
“Y-yes,” I stammered.
“I'm Poppy,” she replied, dimples forming either side of her face as she smiled.
“And you're Azazel,” Kendra said, turning to study him. He glared from where he sat hunched on the floor. Kendra waved a hand and there was a click. Azazel stood up, rubbing his wrists in an instant. They looked raw and red and I couldn't help but wince slightly at the sight of them.

“Well, at least demons being kept here is more plausible, though your intentions are still clouded to me,” Azazel said, choosing to remain standing. Maybe it was plausible to him, but I was still very much in the dark. Then I realised Kendra had opened his handcuffs with a mere wave.
“Are you a witch?” I asked wide-eyed.
“We all are,” another women drawled. Her brown eyes clearly bored as she turned to look at her perfectly manicured hand. Kendra sent her a warning look and the women left. The others filtered out of the room, leaving just me, Azazel, Kendra and Poppy.
“I have to say we never suspected your bloodline contained wiccan history. For that I apologise,” Kendra said to me.

The End

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