Chapter Four Part TwoMature

“Be careful not to touch the walls now. The governors won't want you hurting yourself, or the girl,” The big man yelled, his voice growing distant as he and the others returned upstairs.
“What could be wrong with the walls?” Lillian asked out loud. She reached out a tentative hand to a wall and splayed it flat. She turned to shrug at me, no effect on her. I followed suit and pulled away with a loud curse.
“Silver,” I muttered darkly, falling to the floor to cradle my hand.
“So the myth of silver hurting you is true?” she asked, I nodded in response. Waiting for my hand to heal, it would take twice as long since it was silver. The man's words made sense now. If I kept attacking the silver in an attempt to get out I would push my healing limits. And end up needing to feed. I suppressed a growl and instead turned to the door.
“That'll be silver too I imagine, just covered in paint like the walls,” Lillian said, having followed my line of sight.

“They planned for this...” I trailed off.
“So they knew you were in that tomb? Do you think the other tombs could have other demons in them?” Lillian asked and I turned to meet her gaze.
“If they do, then I want to know what the hell your government is thinking. Not all of my kind are as nice as me,” I said, she laughed.
“What?” I asked.
“You threatened to kill me when we first met,” She replied and I shifted uncomfortably.
“Well I didn't know where I was or what you wanted,” I said, not believing my own justification that much.
“I'm pretty sure my expression was surprised enough for you to figure out that I didn't even know you were in there, let alone intend to wake you up,” She replied with a laugh.
“Point...” I trailed off, feeling unsure of what I was supposed to do or say next. Lillian studied me for a few seconds and not for the first time, I wanted to read her thoughts.
“This is the part where you apologise, and thank me for being so awesome and helping you,” Lillian said with a smile.

“Sorry, and thanks,” I said, trying not to think too much about her smile. Because if there was one thing I'd learned from my death, or near-death. It was that attraction and things like love were asking for trouble. Only problem was she was blushing a little at my response.
“Was it silver that almost killed you?” she asked, reaching for my hand to examine it. I yanked away.
“Don't worry, it's already healed. And silver was involved, yes,” I replied. Aware I was being too curt and cold. Lillian murmured a sound of acknowledgement and her face turned to look at the door.
“Shame I have no clue how to use my witchy powers, or I could break us out,” she joked. She turned to face me, still laughing but I wasn't taking it as a joke.
“If you were going to start learning, now would be a good time,” I replied, her smile faltered.

“You can't be serious! I'd have no idea where to start,” she said. I didn't get a chance to reply because the door re-opened. My body had more than recovered from the strange substance in that man's blood and I threw myself at the person. I easily knocked them out. Then I hissed through clenched teeth, as I felt the burn of silver on my wrists.
“Behave, thing,” A man growled in my ear as he tied my wrists behind my back with a metallic click. There was at least some satisfaction in knowing I'd knocked out the fat man.

The End

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