Chapter FourMature

Chapter Four - Azazel

I knew Lillians emerald eyes were searching for me. I'd never paid attention to them until just now. The variety of vivid forest hues and specks of gold told me she most likely did have wiccan blood. Now all I had to do was figure out what spell was cast on me and it's purpose. Because I doubt there's anyone I know alive. I pushed the hundred of questions aside as I walked down the street, sticking to shadows so that Lillian couldn't try and trace my steps. This would be the last thing I'd want her to see. So far she was my only solid ally in this strange world. Though I meant what I said about not bothering her. I just had no idea how I was going to keep that promise.
The smell of alcohol, sweat and a strange, acidic mix of scents hit my nostrils. I turned the next corner to see a man in a tattered leather coat and dirt encrusted hair and cloths bending on the floor.

“What are you doing?” I asked, not really caring. This guy would be missed easily. But I had no intention to kill, just take what I needed. The man turned to face me with bloodshot eyes and I saw traces of white powder round his nose.
“You can't have any, now get!” he yelled. His voice sounded hoarse, his curly mane of grey hair wavered through the air as he made jerky, eractic go-away gestures.
“Can't, apologies,” I replied. Then I quickly knocked him out against the wall, careful not to use enough force to kill or seriously damage. I preferred people not to fight back. I bite his neck and felt my whole body shiver with relief. I inwardly sighed as the taste of coppery blood hit my tongue and burned its way down my throat. I couldn't even remember how long my body had been waiting for this. Let alone how I managed to resist Lillian when hers was the first blood I'd tasted. I pulled away before his pulse could grow weak and turned to leave the alley.

I threw a hand to catch myself on the wall as a weird light-headed feeling hit me. The after taste of the blood was wrong. I felt my vision blurring and re-concentrating as I slid onto the hard, grey floor. I glanced towards Lillian's window, knowing she might be able to explain. But there are loud noises coming from that direction. Is that Lillian shouting? Her father too, what was happening. I ignored the urge to throw up as I stood up and shambled towards her house. I know I should stick to the shadows but my unsteady feet refuse too. I fall too many times and feel faint, but her panicked voice keeps me going. I have to help her. I finally reach her street to see men wearing black pulling Lillian. Her dads shouting and trying to reach her but one of the men easily hold him back.
I leave the support of the wall for her. The words sound unnatural to me, slowed down. Then I'm being grabbed and hauled into the car alongside her. Whatever strength I had completely gone.

“Are you okay?” The words feel like knives and I groan, burying my head in my hands as a loud roar attacks my senses. Then I feel the lurch of being lifted.
“Is this another bus?” I ask, because I couldn't think of a better reply.
“No, this is smaller, a car...what happened?” Lillian's voice was etched with concern, I hated that. This whole situation had to be because of me, and she'd been dragged in.
“I don't know,” I replied honestly. I tried to recall any odd details of the man.
“He had white stuff round his nose,” I muttered, wondering if she could help.
“Oh, crap. You bite someone taking drugs. No wonder you feel bad, they must be effecting you too,” she replied.
“You mean medicine?” I asked.

“No, it sounds like an illegal ones. They make humans feel good, but I'm guessing demons, not so much,” Lillian replied with a small laugh. I tried not to wince too much and make her feel bad. She was trying to make light of this and I didn't have the heart to tell her how her voice was hurting me.
“Where are we going?”
“I don't know, but I'm guessing the museum had cameras,” Lillian said and I gave her a confused look.
“Ermm, they record what happens. So they'd be like a moving picture of all our actions in that room, and possibly any words exchanged,” She explained. More crazy advancements that didn't match the people themselves.

The car came to a violent stop, causing both of us to get thrown into the leather seats in front. Though I don't recall ever seeing leather this black before.
“Get out.” A deep, harsh voice commanded. Lillian scrambled to be free and I heard her taking a gulp of air. I hadn't noticed how much better it was up here. Then again I don't need as many breaths as a human. I followed suit and found myself using the car for support. I could feel the weirdness slowly fading, but it spurted back to cruel life when the men slammed the door behind me.
Both of us were roughly dragged up a huge set of marble stairs and down corridors that smelled odd and were made of plain grey walls and floors. Then it opened up into a huge square room and lining every side was small rooms with bars covering them. I heard Lillian's huge intake of breath which confirmed my suspicions that this was some kind of prison.

“You guys get to go somewhere special.” The big man leading the way said with a sadistic chuckle. They took us down a set of thin stars, where the walls were pressed too close tog ether for my comfort. It wasn't to Lillian's liking either, I could feel her gripping the back of my shirt as we shuffled down. The big guy leaded the way looked a bit sweaty and worn out when we reached the bottom. I'm guessing he struggled to fit some of the times, we had to stop randomly enough. The corridor made one turn and we were in front of a huge grey door.
He pulled out an old-fashioned brass key and with some effort, undid the lock that looked equally as old. He opened the door and the men behind pushed us in.

The End

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