Chapter TwoMature

Chapter Two - Azazel

I followed the girl ahead of me as she led the way out. She'd told me to stay a few feet away so people wouldn't get suspicious I was following her. It didn't matter if she got far enough ahead to leave my sight, I'd memorised her scent by now and would be able to find her easily enough. Once I was out of this place I had no intention of hanging around the child. She couldn't be older than eighteen with her appearance. I could see the graze that must've somehow woken up what parts of me had lived. The last thing I could remember was being cornered and tied to that tree. They must've thrown my body into that stone tomb. It was pure luck this girl stumbled upon me and woke me up.

I could practically see the cogs turning in her head as she tried to make sense of this. Before people would scream and run at the mention of a demon. But she did no such thing. She just gave man incredulous look, signed and walked off. In this era they seemed less inclined to believe in such things I guess. I could only see that as an advantage. I had no intention of dying again.
Somehow those drops of blood had been enough to restore my prior form, but I'd need more to keep going. I wondered what animals I could find in this place to drain. I made a habit of avoiding humans, roused suspicions. I blinked at the sudden onslaught of sun, my pupils dilating to pinpoints instantly. We were in a more populated area and the various smells crowded my nose. It was difficult to adjust too, I was used to shrugging off the scents of dirt and filth. But here strange acidic scents assailed me in it's place.

I realised I stood out a bit with my clothes. I'd have to find some soon. I glanced ahead and saw the girl. She'd told me her name was Lillian. Her auburn curls flowed over her shoulders and lifted every so often in time with her steps. 

We entered a well-crowded area and I saw she was approaching a group of humans around her age. I assumed they were a group of student, about time women received the same studies as men. I was far too aware of how much smarter they were. Why else was it mostly women who could learn the magical art? Next to no men inherited such a thing into their bloodstreams. I studied the girl again from a distance, she was talking rapidly to a teacher who looked increasingly frustrated by her. The women pushed past her rather rudely and approached me.
“I hear you an old family friend of Lillian's and have lost the fare for a bus journey back to level 2, is this correct?” She asked me, her voice was harsh and to the point. I glanced at Lillian in confusion who nodded furiously.

“Yes,” I answered, hoping Lillian hadn't pulled some kind of trick. If anyone could do it, a women could. It was a women who betrayed me afterall back then. But Lillian was much younger and there was an obvious innocence that made me give her a chance. The women sighed and gestured for me to follow.

The End

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