Chapter One Part TwoMature

“What?” I whispered to myself. Something thin, black and sinewy reached through the gap and pushed the stone. I held back my gags as a rotten stench hit me. I was glad for the darkness, because I was sure that arm was made of bone and thin strips of flesh. When the stone had moved aside enough I saw something sit up. Okay, that was my crazy limit for the day. I backed away, wondering how loud I had to scream before help found me. I glanced back to the corridor. There was light at the end of it, but it suddenly seemed too far away.
“Where am I?” A deep male voice asked and I froze. I turned my head slowly, forcing down gulps. I was expecting some mutilated being but it was a man. How did he do that? He didn't look too good though. Like he would collapse at any moment. I realised he had weird black things poking through his messy black hair. Well, I figured it was black, hard to tell when you're mostly in darkness.
“The dome...” I trailed off uncertainly. The guy narrowed his eyes at me, lines creasing his brow.

“And that is?” He asked. This was all getting too much. This had to be some messed up prank. Maybe the teacher knew I was going to sneak off. I studied the guy, he was dressed in an old-fashioned shirt and trousers. I thought I saw something flick behind him, but wasn't sure. I thought I could see barely healed scars round his neck and wrists. But I wasn't really sure.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“Azazel,” He answered, “Now reply to my question,” He demanded. I raised an eyebrow at his tone.
“No need to be rude,” I said, crossing my arms. This situation may be weird, but I did not like be ordered about. Ever. I heard him made what I thought was a animalistic growl in the back of his throat.

“Please,” He finally grunted, crossing his own arms.
“Fine...”I trailed off, how did I begin to explain it? How did he not know? Had he really been lying in a tomb for centuries?
“It's 103 NA, the dome is the only safe place that humans can live after the disaster,” I said, hoping it would suffice.
“NA? And what disaster?” He replied. I blinked, he didn't really pause for breath there.
“NA stands for New Age, it was established after the disaster. And no one really knows what the disaster was, just that it ripped most of the earth's surface to shreds,” I replied with a helpless shrug. He considered all this carefully. I noticed in the faint light available that his eyes were a muddy red shade. Then he walked past me and away.
“Wait, where are you going?” I asked, voice panicked. If the teacher found out about any of this I was so many levels of screwed. He didn't answer so I ran to follow him, aware of my legs yelling at me within minutes, they didn't really like running much.

“Hey!” I shouted, but he didn't respond in any way. As he reached the light I realised what I saw flicking earlier was some kind of a tail. It was thin and whip-like, with a jagged end.
“What are you?” He paused at that question to study me.
“I guess I should hide this then. I'd hoped maybe things had changed,” He said to himself. He looped the tail through his trousers, pretending it was a belt.
“Hey, I answered your questions,” I said. He muttered something in another language, it must've been an old one since I couldn't recognise any of the words.
“If I answer, I probably have to kill, you. Though I guess you've seen too much anyway.” I didn't like his tone of voice. Saddened, but clearly stained with acceptance.
“I won't tell anyone,” I said, stepping back subconsciously. He turned to face me and began closing the distance between us.

“And what reason do I have to trust you?” He asked, leaning in close enough that I could smell his musky scent. My brain whizzed but couldn't think up anything but the truth.
“You don't, but I don't exactly want to die,” I replied. In the light I could see his skin was pale. The weakness from earlier was completely gone. His lip tweaked a little as if he was fighting a smile, then he burst out laughing. I felt my cheek redden. I didn't appreciate being laughed at.
“Stop it!” I yelled, but he didn't. This close I could see his canines were sharpened, closer to fangs.
“Okay, if you're going to keep my secret, then I guess you can keep helping me. Since I'll need to be able to keep an eye on you,” He replied. I didn't really like the idea of this creepy guy who'd emerged from a tomb after centuries following me around and nagging me. But it beat dying.
“So, what are you?” I asked
“A demon.”

The End

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