Blood of the FutureMature

Just something I've been working on.

Blood of the Future



“Get him!” One voice shouted.
“I can see him up ahead!” An old man croaked immediately after, damn!
“Almost caught the filthy demon!” A young man cried.
The yells filled my ears but I refused to look back as I ran. I'd been foolish to let myself be caught and now I had to leave yet another place I'd grown comfortable. I couldn't let them catch me, let alone kill me. There was no way I was returning to the netherworld. I cried out, but the noise was cut short as I felt the burn of silver chains wrap round my throat.
“Got the beast!” One of the overly-eager younger men shouted. I snarled and tried to yank free, but I could feel the numbing sensation all over my body. The silver was draining my strength too fast.

“God in heaven, what is it?” The same man shouted, closer this time. I flung out my hand and felt soft flesh tear under my claws. It was satisfying for a second. Then someone wrapped more cursed silver round my wrist. I could feel any attempts I made to hide in human form fade.
“This is no ordinary demon, we need an exorcist!” I struggled harder against the bonds, feeling myself pushed against bark. My shirt made little difference in protecting me from the silver they wrapped round my waist, tying me to the tree. I could feel the blood throbbing in my head and breathing was growing difficult.

“The exorcist is here!” For once that word sounded good. An end to this slow torturous death. Then acidic liquid was flung across my chest and even the chains round my neck couldn't stop my scream of pain. I could feel my vision growing dark. The strange words their exorcist mumbled held no heed with me. The person didn't have a drop of wiccan blood in their veins. The words were empty. But the holy water and the silver poisoning my blood weren't. I felt myself fade.

The End

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