Chapter 9.5

The night seemed oddly chilly that night. Zeb and Dick had met up with John, Jack Connors, and a few deputies. The air was cool. it was almost as if some evil was in the forest. Zeb had this weird feeling that no one was welcome in the woods that night. 

Jihn had had layed out the entire plan. John and Jack would cover an area to the West where there where farms. Zeb and Dick would cover the east area, and the deputies would be scattered in the north and south end of the woods. John instructed everyone to make sure they had everything they needed.

Zeb and Dick had packed along the necessities which inclueded Zeb's 45 automatic gun, Zeb's Winchester Rifle, Dick's magnum, snacks, flashlight, and a medkit. Dick had loaded six silver bulleats into just in case. They soon headed out.

Zeb and Dick had been hiking for an hour. Dick asked " can we stop for a break huh?". 

Zeb decided it would be best to rest for a little bit. he felt like his feet where starting to swell up from being so soar. He sat down on a rock. Suddenly out out of the corner of his eyes he though he saw some sort of light. He turned his head and saw something was shining a half mile from where he sat.

He stood up, and went to check the light out. 

" where are you going?" dick shouted. Dick ran to catch up with Zeb.

The Two of them walked a half mile until they stumble into a small clearing. Zeb noticed that the mysterious lights where coming from what appeared to be a Giants rock. 

He walked up to the rock. He banged on it. He heard a loud BANG. Upon further  examination he discovered that the rock was a shed covered in twigs, and branches. It seemed like someone just wanted to make sure it was out of sight.

Zeb felt around until he found a doorway. He tried the doorway. The do surprisingly opened with ease. Zen and Dick walked inside. Zeb reached for his flashlight in his pocket. He felt around in his pocket, but could not find it. " Must have forgot it back at the resting spot" He thought.

" Found the switch" Dick said. The room became illuminated. The contents of the she where revealed to be shelves filled with deer skin, and some black bear skin. Zeb observed the black bear skin. The skin had a tag that read $1,000 dollars. 

Dick asked " what is this place huh?" 

Zeb had only one guess. " I think we've stumbled upon a poachers hideout!".

Suddenly they heard the door handle turning.

The End

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