Chapter 9 wolf hunt

" I don't know Zeb. I still think that a werewolf claws slashing the man to death is what killed him", Dick said. 

Zeb frowned at the fact that his partner stilled believed a werewolf was responsible. He knew he had still a ways to go to prove murder, but if he could find the weapon that would be enough to get everyone else to believe that there had been a murder to.

" Look Dick I know you want to believe the impossible, but don't you think that someone could have used something sharp to make cuts that would resemble claw marks?"

Dick gave the fact some thought. " Well actually maybe  the werewolf has metal claws. My own theory about werewolves is that they are just evolved wolves. "

Zeb could not not belie what he was hearing from his partner. Dick was literally buying this enture werewolf crap.

" Look Dick we need to get ready to go out tonight with the police and Jack Connors, and I need to know if your with me all the way."

" I am with you. Why wouldn't I be? " Dick asked . 

" Never mind that, let just get ready for tonight". Zeb said

The End

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