Chapter 8 weird clues and an unusual suspect.wait

It had taken exactly 40 minutes to reach Archie Turret's house on the outskirts of town. Zeb parked his truck in the driveway. The house was a large house, and very nice looking. the house had a nice tan colored paint coating along with beautiful flowers that surrounded the entire front half of the house. From the looks of it Atchie Turret was doing quite well for himself. 

Zeb and Cynthia shut the truck doors, and started walking down the cobblestone pathway to a oak door with a door knocker shaped like a lion on it. There was no doorbell so Zeb tried the door knocker. The door knocker gave a loud knocking sound when banged against the wooden doorway.

There was the sound of locks being opened, and the doorway opened up. A small saman wearing a purple 3 piece suite with whitstripes, wide rim glasses, blue jeans, and black dress shoes was standing in the doorway. 

" Yes" the man said. When he said it his tongue lashed out like a snake. Zeb recognized the man as Archie Turret. 

The man turned his attention to Cynthia. " Oh it's you", he said bluntly. 

" Hello Archie, you seem to be doing well for yourself". 

" Well that is because at least most of my ideas where not stolen".

" You know he never stole any of your ideas Archie".

Archie was a silent for a moment. " Perhaps, but I still believe he stole my ideas". 

Zeb decided to jump in. " Look Mr Turret, Richard Whitefield is dead , and i am a private detective  working as a consuleant on the case."  " If you don't look at me than you can look into my detective agency". Zeb showed him a Green PI business card.

Archie looked at the card, and stuffed it inside a pocket in his pants. " Come on in. I would love to get this over with as soon as possible." 

The he inside of Archie's house was a little more unique. Especially the living room Where Archie had led them. There was a painting of a werewolf hanging above the fireplace. The monstrous wolf appeared to be watching everyone in the room.  Other than that the paint that covered the walls clashed. The north wall was blue, the south wall was green, the east wall was orange, and the west wall was red. 

They all sat down on a coach.  Archie asked if they would care for some lemon tea, both Zeb and Cynthia said " no thanks."  Archie made some for himself. 15 minutes later he was ready to start answering questions.  

Zeb asked " I would like to know about your history with Richard Whitefield".

Archie stroked his black gotique. " We never had a good history. Why, am I in some sort of trouble". 

Zeb explained that Richard Whitefield was dead. Archie Turret did not seem shocked. 

Zeb pointed out " you don't seem to unhappy." 

Archie just gave a shrug. " Why would I? We never really liked each other. If he is out of the way it just means less competition for me."

" Why you bastard. I hope that your happy with yourself, and you land yourself a spot in hell!" Cyntnia screamed. Zeb got ready to restrain her because it looked like she was ready to strangle Archie. Archie just sat there calmly and said smugly " well it is true". 

Zeb was was getting peeved with the guys attitude so he decided to wrap up the interrogation with one last question. " Where where you last night". 

Archie stroked his black hair. " You'll need to be more specific. You see I had been drinking at a local bar around here. It was called The Pub. The bartender working that night can vouch that I  had been drinking and passed out. I woke up at 1:00 AM in the morning and came home."

Zeb's Cellphone beeped. it was a text from Dick saying he found out what the substance from the crime scene was, and he needs to see Zeb ASAP. Zeb excused himself, and Cynthia. Before they left however Archie warned them " Detective, I have read the news about white fields death, and I must tell you that the police are describing a werewolf. I tell you that werewolves have supernatural strength and speed. There are different ways to trigger a Wrrewolf curse, and in this case it is triggered by killing another human. This werewolf, like any other predator will need to feed again. I believe there is a full moon tonight so he will be coming out of hiding again. Detective if you insist on going after the wolf you should know that if you get bit by one you will turn into the beast. Also I want to give yo these".  

Archie reached into his pocket and pulled out 6 silver bullets. " One way to kill a werewolf is by piercing it's heart with silver, but if you must you can also burn it's body to ashes and remove its head to kill it" he said grimly. 

Zeb de tde ided to take the bullets. He believed that carrying extra ammo might come in handy for tonights hunt for the animal that killed Richard Whitefield, even if it was just a normal animal or person. 

Zeb dropped Cynthia off at her deceased brother cabin, and toof her to remain in touch with him, and to look for the missing file. He decided to take a chance and asked her if she would join him for dinner tomorrow aftertoon. Cynthia said " that sounds like a great idea". Zeb drove off.

Zeb met Dick at the Green PI office. Zeb asked " so what did you find out"?

Dick told him " those fragments you found where metal painted black". 

Zeb thought back to the claw marks, and the slash mark on Richard Whitefiels neck. The final blow that probably killed him.

" Dick, there is a chance that those metal fragments could belong to the murder weapon!" Zeb said excitedly.

The End

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