Chapter 7 A time for asking

Zeb had arrived at Jax at 6:10 PM. He opened the front door and walked right into the diner. Zeb searched the room for Cynthia; she was easily spotted sitting at one of the booths near the window since the diner wasn't so busy in the afternoon. 

Zeb walked over obver to where Cynthia was sitting. He sat down on the red leathered chairs of the booth. Cynthia appeared to be studying the menu thoroughly. 

" You should know that the hamburgers here are actually pretty good." Zeb said.

Cynthia, who was shocked from hearings Zeb voice , dropped her menu on the floor. 

As she bent down to pick up the menu off the floor she tol him " sorry, you just sort of scared me there for a second. I didn't see you sit down".

Zeb just smirked at what Cynthia had said. He found what had just happened sort of funny.

After sitting her menu down on the white tablue Cynthia gave him her full attention. Zeb soon found himself staring off into space as soon as he saw her blue eyes.

He wasn't so clueless about what had been happening. He had felt this way with his padt wife, and now he was feeling it again with Cynthis. The only problem was that he had bearly met her.

Zeb decided to find out more about her himself. " So how  is your husband". He was about ready to smack himself for asking that question. It made him feel like he was asking her if she was seeing anyone, and it felt like it would tell her that he had a crush on her. 

Cynthia just told him " I don't have a husband. My recent husband, Henry, died from cancer 5 years ago.

Zeb felt guilty for asking her now. " I am sorry. I lost my wife recently to. She drowned 2 years ago."

Cythia gave him a look that said she was sorry to. " Thanks, and sorry about your wife." 

Zeb found himself self straying from the questions he wanted to ask, the ones related to the case, but he let himself do so in order to find out more about Cynthia. He asked her about the books she, if she liked dogs, and what TV shows she liked. Zeb disliked a few things she liked, but she like dogs and a lot of the same stuff Zeb liked. In a way she was perfect.

Cynthia seemed confused by the questions. " aren't you going to ask me anything related to the case. You know , my brothers murder?" 

That snapped Zeb out of what seemed to be along procastination. 

" Yes, and please call me Zeb" Zeb said.

Cynthia said " okay Zeb, what do you want to know."

" for starters when I saw you yesterday in your brothers office you where looking through a file cabinet. What where you looking for?"

Cynthia sighed " I don't know if this may be valuable information, but I was looking for a file my brother kept on the River Cou Ty Werewolf. It was missing and I thought you may have token it."

Zeb told her that he never took any file.

Cythia cringed her eyebrows and studied Zeb. She obviously didn't believe him.

Cynthia asked " let's say you did not take the file, then where is it".

Zeb was wondering the same thing. He decided to think about it later and ask his last question.

" Who is Archie Turret?"

Cythia perked her eyebrows" Now that is an interesting name to bring up".

Zeb asked " Why"?

Cythia said " Well that would be because he and my brother had been rivals for a couple years now. They have always claimed that one or the other stole an idea for their books. Ideas from each other that is. You see like my brother, Archie Turret also had an interest in writing a book about the River County Werewolf. ".

Zeb asked " you don't suppose he would harm your brother would you. It sounds like those two are arch rivals."

Cynthja though for a moment " well they have been at each other throats over the years. In fact Archie last month threatened my brother not to pursue the River County Wrrewolf because it was his next story.".

Zeb asked if she knew how to contact Archie. Cynthia asked " do you think he has something to do with my brothers passing"? 

" It seems like he is a liable candidate". Said Zeb.

Cythia wrote something down on a napkin using the pen from her shirt pocket, and handed the note to Zeb. It had an address written on it. It read 607 Rodeo Dr. 

Cythnia said " if your going to interrogate Archie than I want to come too. I really want to find my brothers killer".

She gave Zeb a pleading look. 

" okay lets go he said". 


The End

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