Chapter 6.5

The man kept ranting. John groaned " Another ranting by our local hermit, Ricky La Rue."

John ordered two deputies to escort La Rue out of the station. Ricky was now ranting angrily and cursing everyone in the building as he was escorted out of the building.

Jack asked " who was that?" 

Zeb explained  that all he knew was that the man was a hermit named Ricky La Rue, but he had no idea why he was at the station.

" That' because a week before all this werewolf buisiness started around the entire county, Ricjy had come in boasting that something evil was in the woods, and it would soon come out to feed". John said. ' I still think he is full of it. Even now with a dead body I still don't believe that his claims of something evil lurks in the woods.

Zeb thought about what John had said. " Maybe Ricky knows something about the werewolf, or maybe he was so desperate to have someone believe him that he would kill someone, and make sure the werewolf was getting noticed? Zeb added Ricky to the list of people he wanted to question.

Zeb than looked at his watch. It was almost 6 in the afternoon. He needed to meet Cynthia at the diner in exactly 10 minutes.

The End

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