Chapter 6.5

Zeb had to admit that even now he was really beggining to wonder if there really was a logical explanation for whatever the creature really was himself. He knew that with every encounter there was , the more people might be willing to actually believe there was an animal, or a werewolf attacking people which was why if Zeb was to prove Richard Whitefield was murdered he would need to work fast. He hoped Dick turned up something from examining those fragment samples.

John said " listen up. Jack hear suggest that in the past the creature that everyone is getting hysterical about seems to come out mostly at night." That is why we, and a team of deputies will be searching the area where Whitefield was killed tonight."

Jack said nervously " what if the creature attacks "? Zee thought Jack seemed really nervous about going after an animal,  but could he really blame him for being scared of the creature that had attacked him weeks before?

John assured Jack that everyone in the group would either be armed, or have an armed escort with them. John's words only seemed to make Jack more nervous.

Suddenly the doors to the police station swung in. A man who was small, had a long read beat that nearly touched the floor with messy red hair and wide green eyes walked into the room. 

Everyone stepped out of the sheriff office just as the man began ranting " I told you all something evil lurked in those woods, but no one wanted to listen. We'll hear me now, dead men cannot look at someone as if they where crazy!".


The End

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