Chapter 6 Ricky La Rue

Zeb arrived at the station. He walked through the double doors into a bustle of activity going on with in the station. Deputies where walking everywhere! 

Zeb spotted Sara moving with the crowd of deputies. " What is going on?" He asked. Sara told him " we are getting a lot of reports about people who claimed to have seen the creature that killed Richard Whitefield".

Zeb asked " was one of the words use to described the creature werewolf?" Sara just briefly described what one witnessesd said looked like a wolf a two legs trekking through his backyard in the middle of the day". Sara excused herself so that way she could finish writing her reports.

Zeb found the  doorway marked Sheriff on it. He looked inside the office and saw John staniding in his office with a guy wearing a light brown, buttoned shirt with  the words Fish and Game printed on his sleeve. Zeb thought he recognized the guy, but he could not place where he had seen him before.

Zeb walked into the office. John told him to close the door behind him and than he would explain why he had called him. Zeb shut the door behind him.

John satdown in the large brown chair behind his desk. Than he started to explain what was going on.

" Dad I had contacted Fish and Game about our alleged werewolf, and they sent over officer Jack Connors to assist us in discovering the true animal responsible for the Whitefield case."

Now Zeb remembered where he had seen the guy. Jack Connlrs was the guy in the new article Dick had shown him that very morning. 

Zeb reached he'd out his hand to shake Jack's hand. " I heard about your encounter, and your bite. Aren't you suppose to turn into a werewolf? 

Jack laughed " I really don't believe I was actually bitten by a werewolf, but there is no other explanation I can think of for what I saw.

The End

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