Chapter 5 Explanations

Dick, and Zeb dove into a nearby closet. Cynthia had just walked in just as they where close to closing the closet door. They had left it open a crack because they feared Cynthja might here the door close. They watched as Cynthia sat her purse down, and walked toward the desk.  She seemed stun to see that the  file cabinet was opened. What they hadn't anticipated is what happened next. Cynthia appeared to search through the file cabinet for 10 minutes, and stopped. Cynthia took out her cellphone and dialed a number. 

Cynthja waited led for a while. Someone on the other end must have answered because Zeb heard Cynthia say " I need the police. I believe my brother was robbed." 

Zeb too, that as his cue to come out of hiding, even though Dick tried to stop him.

Cynthia was shocked when Zeb revealed himself. She, in fact panicked. She to,d the operator " Quick send the police. The thief is in the house.". Zeb grabbed the phone from her and hung it up. " Please let me explain." He said.  In a flash he felt Cynthia slap him a rossthe face.

She suddenly seemed to recognize him. " Your the detective working with the sheriff department that looked into my brother's murder!"

Zeb was rubbing his cheek. His cheek felt numb from being slapped " Yes, and me and my associate over here have a few questions for you". Zeb gestured toward the closet. Dick stepped out.

Cynthia asked " don' you need a warrant, or something to ask me some questions?"

Dick explained " we're detectives, but we do not work with the sheriff directly. We are private investigators who work as consultants". 

Zeb asked if they could now ask her some questions.

Cynthia asked skeptically " what kind of questions?"

Zeb started with " like what are you doing here?" 

Cynthia said " I am staying here at my brothers home."

Zeb asked another question " Okay I would also like to discusss a guy by the name of Archie Turret". 

Before Cynthia could answer that question Zeb's cellohone rang. He asked Cynthia to wait a minute. When he picked up the phi e he heard Sarah's voice. " Dad, John wants you down at the station. Some fish and game officer who knows something about the werewolf just came buy, and offered to help find out what creature really attacked Richard Whitefield."

" Okay I will be down their in a bit. Bye" 

Cynthia smiled. Zeb thought it was a glorious smile that seemed to make the sun shine.

Cynthia suggested " how about we meet later this afternoon at this diner casled Jack's downtown?".

Zeb knew where the place was. Jak's served some of the best steak in town. Zeb agreed to meet her down there.

On the way to the station Zeb dropled Dick off at the office and told him to run some test on the stuff he found at the crime scene earlier.

Dick smiled " can do", he said.

The End

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