Chapter 3.5 The Killer Werewolf story motive

As it turned out Richard Whitefield only lived a mile outside of Lakebotton; in a cabin he rents for when he needs to get away for some peace and quite. got the address for the house , and he and they headed to the cabin.

The road to the cabin was a bumpy road that went straight up a hillside. On the top of the hillside was Richard Whitefield's two story cabin. 

Zeb parked his his truck in the driveway. He and Dick went straight up the wooden staircase to the front dpoor of the cabin.

Dick asked " so are we going to pick the lock or something.".

Zeb instead tried the doorknob, which to surprise actually turned. He opened the doorway and walked in.

Dick said " I guess just opening the door works."

The cabin itself was as quite clean. There was a kitchen to the right of them, and a bathroom to the left. The living consisted of grey carpeting, a tan colored couch, a coffee table, a reclining chair,  a big flatscreen tv, and shelves filled with books and DVD. Upon closer examination of the shelf Dick saw that nearly everything on the shelf had something to do with werewolves.

" Wow this guy really likes his werewolves huh Zeb. Zeb?" Dick turned around to see that his partner had disapeared. 

" Dick hurry up"! Dick looked up to see that Zeb was on the second floor of the cabin looking down at him. Dick walked up the staircase.

Zeb had been looking around for a spot where there might have been clues to who would want Richard Whitefiled dead before searching the entire cabin. Fortunately for him he discovered an office on the second floor. A perfect spot to see what Richard Whitefield might have been up to in the past couple of weeks.

Zeb opened the door to the study. He was astounded to see that the north wall of the study was filled with newspaper clippings and facts about werewolves. Zeb looked around until he had found the exact article that Dick had shown him, the one about the fish and game officer who had gotten bitten by a werewolf before. Zeb kept looking around. He had been looking through file cabinets to. He stumbled upon a file with the name Turret on it. Zeb looked through that file. He discovred this file contained newspaer clipping about abother author named Archie Turret. Zeb had found several articles referring to Archie Turret in a negative matter. The articles said that Richard Whitefield claimed that famed horror writer Ar his Turret had stolen a few of his ideas and claimed them as his own ideas for a novel.

As Zeb read through more articles , each story of each encounter between Whitefield and Turret made him think that there was obviously bitter history between the two authors and that he should learn more about Archie Turret. 

Dick had motioned Zeb to a desk nearby. The desk contained a map of  the county, and where the River County Werewolf had been sited. Zeb noticed that the author had notes pegged near each location. The only significant connection between each sighting is that the deer population had declined in each a rea the werewolf had been. 

Dick joked " well it looks like our werewolf likes deer a lot."

Suddenly they heard a car pull up the driveway. Zeb looked out the office window.He saw a black sports car pull up to the driveway. Cynthia Whitefield had stepped out of the car. 

Dick asked out loud " what is she doing hear?"

Zeb suggested " maybe she is staying here?"

Suddenly they heard the sound of  footsteps coming up the staircase.

Dick said " well whatever the reason she is here does not matter now. What matters is that we better find a place to hide and fast!"


The End

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