Chapter 3.5

" Dad!"  a make voice hollered. Zeb turned to see a man with slick brown hair wearing a a lighbrown uniform with a Sheriff, and wearing blue jeans trot up to him. The man was Zeb's son John Green, Sheriff of Lakebottom. John approached him. " Well Dad i think it is a open and shut case". 

Zeb was was a little confused " what do you mean open and shut? "

John said " Well let me just brief you first. The victim is name Richard Whitefield, he is apparently a nature photographer, and authir of two best selling nonfiction books about werewolves. From the looks of it he came out here and got mauled by something, probably a bear".

Zeb told John that it could not have been a bear. " What bear walks on two legs? Besides i found this inside one of the claw marks on the tree."

Zeb showed John the fragments he collected. " I left some for forensics to take a look at. "

John examined the bag. " that could be anything. It doesn't necessarily prove murder". 

Zeb than pointed out the camera strap with no camera.

John scratched his head " Ya, the funny thing about that is that we cannot find the camera, but what I am thinking is the bear probably took it."

Dick smiled, he was willing to bet that his werewolf theory was looking alot better right now, but if hphe had to guess he would say that no one would believe it was a werewolf, a d this attack would be dismissed as a bear mauling instead.

Zeb asked " Where their any witnesses to the crime".

John pointed to a women sitting against a tree trunk. The women looked like she had been crying.

" That is the victim's sister, Cylia Whitefield."

Zeb was shocked " you mean the author of the Hatchford murder mysteries?"

John said " Yes Dad, I did a background check on her and that is what came up." 

dick asked " who is Cylia Whitefield?"

 Zeb explained that Cylia Whitefield was the  person who writes his favorite mystery series  The Hatchford Brown Mysteries."

Zeb looked at Cylia who was still lying against the tree trunk. She had white hair, was wearing the occasional outdoor attire of khaki shorts, and flower patterned shirt. When she looked up Zeb could tell by the redness that surrounded her blue eyes she had been crying. Zeb felt something inside of him. The feeling was a mix of ahh and wonder along with his heart thumping wildly. He had not felt this way since meeting his currently  deceased wife.

Zeb said he was going to question the witness, and walked over to her before John could tell him anything about Cylia's witness statement. Zeb kneeled down next to Cylia and asked " are you okay?"

Cylia looked at him with her bright blue eyes that made his heart thump even widler. " Not really. What do you want? Are you a fan?".  

Zeb said " No, I want to help. I work with the Lakebottom Sheriff Department". 

" You don't look like a deputy, or any cop." Cylia said.

" That is because I am a private investigator who works as a consultant. My name is Zeb Green. By the way I am a fan of Hatchford Brown in case your still wondering, but I want no autographs, just a witness statement okay? Zeb said, in a smooth, calming voice.

Cylia said " it will not help much but I was dragged out here by my brother. You see I decided this werewolf business would be a good idea for a Hatchfor Brown mystery, and Richard  thought it would also be a good story for his next book Werewolves of America".  We arrived at a clearing. He parked the truck. the woods looked terrify, and I had a gut feeling to stay in the truck, but Sherman had other ideas. when I chickened out he decided to go into the woods alone. An hour later a heard a loud howlong sound followed by the screams of some man. I grabbed my flashlight and headed toward the source of the screams. I soon stumbled upon Sherman, lying on the ground, it took me only a few seconds to see that he was....." Cylia started crying again.

Zeb decided to ask her one more question, but got caught off by Cylia who said " why did he have to go after this werewolf? He had spent the sat couple of weeks gathering information on it, and look it got him killed". 

Zeb decided den she needed to be left alone.  

He told Dick they where leaving, and jumled into his truck.

As they where driving down the road Dick said " John believes it was a werewolf".

Zeb said " no he believes it was a bear, but I am saying otherwise".

Dick asked" Are you thinking murder?." 

Zeb saud " yes, and this werewolf is at the center of this. Which is why we're going to find out where Richard lives and take a look at his research".

The End

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