Chapter 3 dead in the woods

Zeb and Dick hopped into Zeb's old white truck and started driving to the crime scene. They soon found themselves heading down a gravel road that led them deep into the woods that surrounded Lakebottom. They pulled up to an area where there was 5 squad cars parked. Zeb parked his truck and stelped outside. Deputies where swarming the entire area. Zeb first priority was to find his son Johe Green who was the sheriff of Lakebottom. He looked around for John when a women, a brunette with green eyes and was short in height wearing a deputies uniform came up to him.

" You looking for John, dad?" The deputy had asked.

Zeb said " yes Sara, can you point up out where your brother is for me?"

" I think he is with a witness, but he told me to let you examine the scene. He will brief you when he is ready". 

Zeb and Dick walked underneath the crime scene tape up to a big white sheet that would have the body of the victim beneath it.  Zeb noticed a black nylon strap  was next to the body. It looked like a strap from a camera to Zeb .  Zeb looked at the camera strap. Whatever it was a part of the rest looked like it had been torn off. The crime scene investigators had marked it as evidence one as indicated by the large number one next to it. In fact Zeb  noticed that nothing else seemed to be marked  except for some footprints which probably meant that there was not much evidence to go on.

Zeb removed the white sheet off the body. The victim was a man with black hair, and blue eyes so wide that it looked like something bad scared him to death." Theman's face was covered with claw marks. Not much could be said for the man's cargo shorts and flannel shirt which where so shredded that it would take hours to stitch all the cloth together.

" Hey Zeb look at these footprints. There are only four toes!" Dick yelled. Zeb  walked over to Dick  so he could look at the footprints himself. Dick was right, there was only four toes. The tracks where also very large; they could have came from a bear. Zeb knew that the tracks did nkt come from a black bear which where the only species of bear in the area. Zeb had seen black bear tracks while deer hunting. Bears, although decently large, only had five toes. Whatever left the prints had only four toes.

Dick said excitedly " these are from  the werewolf"!

Zeb asked " how do you know?"

Dick explained that he watched  a documentary on wolves on the discovery channel. A zoologist says a wolf has four toes np just like the footprints they're looking at right now have, but whatever made the tracks had only two feet. So Dick concluded the tracks came from a werewolf.

Zeb actually found himself considering Dick's werewolf theory. He quickly dismissed it though. 

" I have to find some evidence to convince myself, and Dick that this is just an animal attack and not a werewolf encounter". 

Zeb decided to look  at the claw marks on a nearby tree. He ran his fingers through the center of the claw marks until he  saw two things that caught his eyes.  He used his tweezers to remove 6 samples of  small fragments with something black on them, and left the rest for the police to find. He would have to examine the fragments later even though he found it extremely interesting that he found the fragments inside the  claw marks.

The End

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