Chapter 2 What Zeb saw last night.

Zeb had walked into the Green PI office that day with his white hair all messed up, his shirt all wrinkled, his red tie crooked, and it looked like had hardky slept at all. Zeb usually took pride in showing up to his buisiness all neat and clean. He had started Green PI after he retired from being a cop. Being a PI not only helped him keep busy, but in a way it helped him cope with his wife, Darla Green, death. Dark Green had been the victim of an accidental drowning a few years back. The death caused  Zeb to decide to retire from being a cop and therefore he started his own PI buisiness

" I am telling you Dick I saw the thing. I couldn't believe it , but it was standing on two legs. I mean what animal can stand on two legs.? Zeb told Dick Riley, his partner at Green PI. Dick started scratching his head. His red hair that was once neatly combed now had a slight messy look to it. " You know I went to that circus that came to town last week: they had dogs that where trained to walk on two legs." Zeb asked" are you suggesting I saw some sort of escaped circus animal"? Dick just shrugged " it makes more sense than a werewolf.". 

" Dick your the one that believes in this stuff!" 

Dick just said " look, I do believe in Bigfoot, and The Lochness Monster, but something that can turn itself into a monster because of a full moon is outside of my belief."

Zeb sighed, he was obviously getting nowhere with this conversation.

Zeb asked " Dick you are always keeping me well informed with Bigfoot sightings, including ones in the area, and so you should be able to tell me something ablut what I saw". 

Dick put his finger to his lip as he thought. Than he snapped his fingers and began typing on his computer.

" You know your not the only one who claims to have seen the werewolf." Dick said.

Zeb walked over to Dick and asked " You mean this was not the only encounter." 

Dick said " the Werewolf of River County has been seen by several people in the last 2 months. People believe that this creature is the cause of the recent deer population. In fact you should read this article about a fish and game officer who claims to have been scratched by the creature."

Dick turned his computer to show Zeb an article that was titled  Fish and Wildlife officer gets bitten by River County Werewolf.

Zeb read the article which said that Game and Fish officer Jack Connors was bitten by the Werewolf of River County late last Tuesday while investigating the declining deer population in River County. The article showed a picture of the bite wound which looked like nothing more that teeth that was  sank into the skin. The teeth marks where rectangular with four incisions.

Zeb said " I bet this story was fabricated."

 A little smirk appeared on Dick's face. " why don't you test that theory. Look that fish and game officer mentioned his phone number in the article. Why don't we call him and test your theory". 

Zeb was was about to object to doing just that when the office phone rang. Dick was the closest, so he was the one who picked up the phone.

All Zeb heard from Dick was a few uh huh, a no way, and finally Dick told the caller that they would be their right away. From the sound in Dick's voice though it must have been something important because Dick sounded pretty excited. 

Dick hung up the phone and turned to Zeb; he was grinning even more.

Zeb asked " so what was the phone call all about?"

Dick said " get ready to be proven wrong. That was John. He said he needs our expertise because this case just happens to have a particular element to it."

Zeb was getting tired of Dick's silliness  right now. " Well spit it out. Are we about to be hired on a case or what".

Dick said " yes it is another case.  A body was found in the woods in a clearing a mile from Lake Crescent, and get this the only witness claims that a werewolf attacked her brother!"

Zeb said " well we better get down there Dick. I suddenly find myself  taking a more keen interest in the River County Werewolf.

The End

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