Blood Moon

Do you believe in the supernatural? Zeb Green never believed in ghost, demons, and especially werewolves. That is until one night he wakes up and looks out his window to see one heading into the forest into his hous. Things get even more serious when a dead horror writer is found on the side of the road in a ditch. Things become even more complicated when Zeb falls for the victims sister who just happens to be everyone's prime suspect. Can Zeb solve this case before the werewolf strikes again, o

Everything was quite on the night of June 3rd 2014. The woods where very silent, and on,y the hooting of an owl could be heard. Zeb Green layed on his couch, fast asleep with a bowl of Cheetos sitting on his stomach. He had fallen asleep while watching a marathon of monster movies on tv. Buisiness had been slow at Green PI, the private investigator buisiness that he and his partner Dick Riley ran in the town of Lakebottom, Maryland.  Zeb had once bern a cop in Owl City, but after his wife drowned in a river he decided he needed to get away from the city. He was 55 years old when he quitted the OCPD, and set up a private investigator office in Lakebottom. Most people thought it was a bad idea, but Zeb new that Lakebottom had enough cheating spouses, and people who are accused of something That he would be able to find work, and if things did not work out he would find a part time job, or retire early. Fortunately as he had  hoped he foun d himself catching cheating spouses in no time, but his work as a PI changed after he solved the murder of a martial arts instructor in a little  adventure he liked to call Martial Arts Murder. Since than he has been solving bigger crimes. He had seen a lot of disturbing things, but nothing as disturbing as what he would see that night.

Zeb woke up to screaming. He jerked up to a sitting position on his couch, and tried to determine  the source of the screaming. It took him a second to figure out it was only the movie on his TV. The movie was about a werewolf, but that was all he could tell about the movie. Zeb watched the movie for a minute and laughed at how scared he was. Zeb did not believe in anything supernatural, and that specifically meant werwwolves.  The thought of some wolf hybrid that walked on two legs, had red eyes, large fangs, and on,y became a monster during a fool moon made him laugh. He looked at the click on his coffee table. The click read 12:00 am. Zeb thought " better get to bed". Suddenly their was a loud  Crash!  Zeb flinched. " what was that ? " he thought. Zeb walked to the kitchen and looked out the sliding screen door. " Probably just raccoons rummaging through his garbage" he thought. He grabbed  a flashlight. He opened the screen door,mourned on his flashlight, and went to the east side of his house to check things out. He found the trash cans tipped over with garbage raging from emtoy chip bags to the broken glass he had thrown out after knocking over a a glass cup scattered round.  Zeb did not mind the coons, and in fact he loved animals and that was one reason he liked living close to the woods, but sometimes vermin could just be annoying. In the corner of his eyes Zeb barely saw movement head into the forest. He shown his flashlight in the direction lf what he thought was a coon, but when the light caught the creature it was not a raccoon. " Damn, what the heck is that!"  A creature that that looked like a wolf, but walked like a human stared at him with glowing red eyes and than darted into the woods. Zeb could  only guess what the creature was, and even though he did nit believe it the creature only had one name, and that was werewolf.

The End

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