Blood, Money, and greed

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Blood, Money, and Greed

Being the son of a powerful drug lord is not that easy. You always are living the chance of the cops catching you and then you have to move and i’ve gotten sick of moving. Although there are many downside there are many upsides to. I always get anything I want and I get to travel a lot. I also get- “Alejandro get over here now!” “But Dad I’m busy.” “Jandro NOW!” I ran up our stairs and met my dad at the top. I moaned “Dad what is it,” he quickly responds the house is surrounded we need to leave now. I responded slightly in shock “ahhh...buttt where do we go.” “That’s a good question I think i know a way out. “There’s a hatch in the wine room I think that takes us to the sewer treatment plant just follow it to there and I try to make a distraction and meet you in there.” I stood there for another second and sprinted down the stairs and took a right into the wine room.

I opened up the hatch and crawled in. I was disgusted by the stank from the sewer and knew that i had to go in there despite the stench. I crawled in and…. Boom. The house shock and several wine bottles shattered on the floor. Wine food its way to the hatch and the wine dripped like blood. I heard shouts and screaming and several gun shots. I realized I’ve been stalling too long and ran down the catacomb like sewer.

I ran and finally came to the treatment plant and sat and waited hoping my father would come but never did. I decided that I had to go back and I got to my dad’s good friend Private pile approached me told me that my dad was severely injured and seeked medical attention he had two bullet wounds near his right shoulder. Me and Pile traveled to a run down hospital. I went in to investigate my father. He was laying on the bed with nurses surrounding him. They told me is fine and will be able to pull through. Suddenly the door broke open and informed my father that he would be arrested for illegal distribution of drugs. I then quickly darted out of the room and ran to pile and we ran out of there. I looked at pile and told him what happened. He looked down and then back up at me. He told me in a cold, hard tone, “you are the Leader, you are my Lord.”

The End

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