Blood MatesMature

            She opened her deep chocolate colored eyes as she began to awaken from her slumber. She pushed her body upward and rubbed her tired eyes. And as she hopped off her queen-sized bed, which was decorated with black silk sheets and a silver comforter, she noticed the calendar. There circled in red ink was the date February 14th.

            “Oh crap today’s the festival!” the girl cried as she hurriedly began getting ready.

            “Aiden come on!” demanded another voice.

            “I’m coming h-hold on!”

            Aiden slipped on her last shoe and bolted out her dorm room. As she ran down the stairs she spotted her friend Lori up against the wall, tapping her foot. Her hazel eyes glinted with impatience and slight irritation. Lori had been Aiden’s best friend since the 8th grade; she was a short beautiful girl with an imagination that ran deeper than any ocean. She had gleaming jet black hair, porcelain skin, lively hazel eyes and a fiery attitude.

            “Sheesh, you sure as hell take long.”

            Aiden bowed, “Yes, sorry.”

            Like Lori, Aiden was also short; she stood at 5 feet flat and was petite all around. She had tan skin, profound chocolate eyes, a round baby face, and dark brown shoulder length hair with straight bangs that veiled over her youthful face. Lori was the beautiful one and Aiden was the cute one. She didn’t mind that.

            “We better get going. The student store might run out of all the good stuff!” Lori announced as she scurried into the crowd of students.

            February 14th was a day of love and friendship in most places, however in the town of Lilith there were a few tweaks here and there. In this town where both vampires and humans dwelled there was a tradition called “blood mates”. In old legends a blood mate was an individual whose blood was specifically designed for one vampire in this world. Every vampire was fated one and they spent centuries biting people left and right to find theirs.

            This myth gave birth to the Festival of Blood which was held on February 14th. The vampires of the community politely asked whichever individual they desired if they’d be their blood mate. If accepted the blood mate was to give a reasonable amount of blood to the vampire that asked, during the festival. It was an honor and a privilege especially since vampires were Lilith’s pride and joy.

            “So, are you gonna let anyone suck your blood?” Lori asked curiously.

            Aiden glared at her, “Hell no! I think this whole blood mate thing is stupid! Vampires are stupid too.”

            “How can you say that!? Vampires are the epitome of grace and beauty. And the whole blood mate thing is so romantic. And besides now that I think of it I’ve never seen you once get your blood sucked. We’re 16 years old! We’ve been in the academy for two years! You gotta do it some time!” Lori’s eyes gleamed as she stared into the bright blue sky.

            A sigh escaped Aiden’s lips, “Whatever, I really don’t give a damn about any of these traditions. Besides…”

            Aiden’s gaze fell to the ground, a hint of sadness dwelled within them.

            “What’s wrong?”

            “Uh…n-never mind!”

            Her friend cocked her head to the side and gave off an unconvinced look.

            “Aw, c’mon I’m fine there’s nothing wrong.” Aiden assured.

            “I can’t tell her yet…” Aiden thought to herself.

            Lori brushed her long bouncy bangs from her face and shrugged,

            “Well, if you say so. Just try not to be so pessimistic, I mean we get the day off from school because of these traditions. At least be grateful.”

            The two continued around the student-filled courtyards. Girls were squealing left and right as pretty vampires boys popped the questions. Aiden shook her head in disgust and Lori admired with envy. It was gonna be a long day.

            Lori waltzed into the student which was even more crowded than the courtyards. Aiden stayed behind, she had no desire to participate in the frivolous festivities. She plopped against a red brick wall, and began to fiddle with her piercing that was located on the top of her ear. It was a tiny gold plated star stud. She had gotten it a month ago and the wound was still fresh, it ached slightly as she twisted it. Suddenly she felt a sting.

            “Ow!” She pulled her hand away but then brought it back to her ear.

            Sure enough she was bleeding, a lot. Aiden shook her head as she ran her finger against the bloody star. Her finger tip was drenched in blood.


            “Hm, you’re blood smells nice.” Declared a voice.        

            Aiden perked up and looked at the tall figure next to her. There beside her was a boy who looked no older her. He had blonde hair that was almost white and misty teal blue eyes that pierced through your very being. He bent down to get a closer look at the girl. His face was an ivory color both beautiful and flawless. Aiden back away slowly and had an annoyed look on her face.

            “Ew, get away vampire I’m not interested.” She muttered as she turned to walk away.

            However that wasn’t good enough, the boy grabbed her by the arm and slammed her fragile body against the wall. Aiden gritted her teeth as she sucked in the pain.

            “I never asked you if you were…” he replied.

            He lowered himself to her neck and his tongue ran along it gently.

            Aiden jerked around but no use came of it, “You asshole!”

            “Come on don’t be so angry. This is every girl’s fantasy.”

The End

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