Blood Lust

Chapter 3:

I’d had my eyes open a while. In fact I’d had my eyes open a long time. But I couldn’t see anything. All I knew was that I was in a box, or something like a box. It could have been a small room (a very small room at that) It just about fit me in with a little bit of room. I knew I couldn’t get out and that was what scared me. I felt around me and found a long wooden stick, I pulled my hand down it and found a metal spade end, I then realised what it was and what I had to do.                                     What I had to do was what I definitely couldn’t do.  

I was scared, very scared, not because of the tight space or the lack of oxygen, but, because I had to dig my way out. My way out, where exactly do I dig too? It’s not as if there was a big neon light saying ‘this way’! Even if there was how do I start digging if I can’t start digging if I can’t stand up! I went to stand up and came straight back down, but not because there was a low ceiling, because my natural instincts were telling me not too, that I would hit the roof! So I tried again, but this time preparing myself for hitting the roof, but I didn’t hit it, I went straight through it! The ceiling started flickering as my head popped up in a dimly lit tunnel, the ceiling died away and revealed that the box I thought myself to be into was neither a box or under the ground! It was a ditch that I was curled up in! Funny I don’t remember getting in there. I heaved myself over the side of the ditch and took in my surroundings; it was a tunnel and for all I knew went on forever, every now and then along the side of the wall there was Egyptian like torches that hazily lit up the tunnel, a ditch that took up hardly any space. I guess the only way to go was in the direction of the light, so I took off in the direction of hope. I reached over for one of the torches and pulled it up out of the bracket on the wall, I closed my eyes ad counted to ten hoping that I would soon wake up.                                                            Which, I obviously didn’t.     

I walked along the tunnel, trying to see if anything looked different from the past ten paces behind me, everything looked the same to me, the layout of the whole thing, the torches were all exactly the same length away from each other, the space in-between the two walls on either side, and the length of the tunnel seemed to get longer with every step I took.                        

 I felt my feet starting to get heavy as I got further and further from where I started off from, this tunnel could go on forever and I’d never know it would because everything looks similar I would just think ‘a little further’ or ‘your nearly there’ when in actual fact it never ends. Wait, I could see something! A door? No, it couldn’t be could it? Not in this place! It was! I was going to get out! I felt like running but I didn’t have enough strength in my body too run, I walked as fast as I could, which wasn’t very fast given the fact that I could just about walk. I reached the door and went to grab the handle when I realised that there wasn’t a handle there, I dropped the torch and my knees soon followed. My head was in my hands when I heard the voices behind the door, “I’ve told you, it’s not too hard, any new recruit would be able to do that!”shouted, a gruff male voice. “Commander, please do not shout, and if any new recruit would be able to do that then tell me why everyone tries to dig their way out?!” said a calmer nicer sounding voice.                                            

“Well, sir I will not stop shouting until I get what I want! Everyone tries to dig their way out because their weak, they do not deserve to have been chosen!” shouted the gruff voice again.         

“Commander you will not get what you want, and you are going to go and dig out the new recruit!” the kinder voice said.    

Commander? New recruit? Dig? Go and dig out the new recruit? I must be the new recruit, but I didn’t dig, was I meant to?       

I lifted my head and cocked it to the side as the door with no handle opened and a tough looking man sauntered out mumbling to himself, his mumbling stopped as he saw me sitting there head cocked to the side, his mouth opened and he said, “I suppose you’d better come in then...” The nicer voice called out, “Commander who are you talking to?” 

 “The new recruit, sir, she was just sat here staring at the door sir!

“Oh well don’t leave her sitting there, send her in!”           

What I thought to be the commander took me by the arm and hauled me up, he pulled me into the room which was brightly coloured and rather large, yet there seemed to be limited space, the commander sat me down at a small wooden table, and on a green cushioned chair. A swivel chair facing the opposite way swivelled around to reveal a chubby looking man who seemed to have a permanent smile on his face.        

“We are so glad you are with us Steph, or would you prefer me to use your full name?”                   

“Erm, Steph’s O.K.”    

 “O.K, Steph, first things first, you are probably wondering where you are, so we are now in faerie land, home of the faerie, pixie and any other mythical creature you can think of! Would you like something to drink?”   The man swivelled around and stood up, he walked over to a small table behind him and turned back around holding a silver pot with a lid, he lifted the lid up using his opposite hand, and sat back down in the chair, he twisted it up and put both down on the table. He clicked his fingers and two cups appeared instantly. I peered over into the silver pot and immediately recoiled backwards as the smell hit me,                        

 “Yeah, it does that sometimes, but it’s not that bad, seriously! Look, you just wish for any drink you like, for instance...” Once again he snapped his fingers and a tea coloured liquid appeared, “I wished for some tea. Go on try it!” I snapped my fingers and thought fresh orange juice and it immediately appeared in the pot before me.  “Good choice, just dip the cup in.” I picked up one of the cups and dipped it in. “Yeah, well done, now back to the matter at hand, you know where we are, you know what kind of creature you do know what kind of creature you are?”               

I stopped sipping at the orange juice in my hand and said,                                              

“I’m a pixie right?”

“Yes, yes you are. Now we need to log you, O.K just say yes or no after each thing I say,


“Yes.” I said.   

He clicked his fingers for a final time and then a file appeared on the table, he opened it and then said,  “Right then let’s start, Name: Stephenie Wright”    


“Age: Fourteen.”    


 “Creature: Pixie.”                                                                                                                             


“Birth date:13thSeptember 1997.”   


“O.K that’s it, would you like to meet your room-mate?”  

“Erm, yes, I guess so.”                                                                                                  

Yeah so that wasn’t an entire truth, I was dreading meeting my room-mate and I still didn’t know anything about life as a mythical creature, and I wasn’t really sure about anything yet.   

“What about my parents?” I blurted out, “And my photo album?”   

“Your photo album will be up in your room, and as for your parents all to be found out when you are ready to find them out.”  

“What about blood? I craved blood!”  

“As for blood it is normal for a pixie to crave it, we only use blood at ceremonies with the king and queen.”  

 “Oh, thanks I guess.”     

 “Well then, just walk out of here and down the corridor there will be someone waiting for you to lead you to your tree, your room-mate will be waiting for you, hurry along now.”       


Things were obviously weirder than I thought.     

The End

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