Blood Lust

Chapter 2:

“Steph, Steph, Stephenie are you O.K? Has someone attacked you? Have you been stabbed?”, sobbed my foster mother, “Have you been in a fight, are you dying, talk to me steph talk to me!”            

If I could talk to you I would.                                                                                                  

“Oh, please talk please don’t die!”, she sobbed.


If only we was crying over the same things. 

 “Please, don’t be dead!”, screaming in a high pitched trill she ran her hands up and down my body.   

I can’t keep quiet anymore. My mouth forced the words out though every single syllable sounded like a high soprano ringing out through a opera house, (when did I start to sound like that?), “ Mum please don’t be scared or annoyed or angry, it’s not my fault, and I’m not dying, I haven’t been stabbed and the blood’s not mine, just let me explain too you what I think’, what I know is happening to me.” My voice broke up in the most unnexpected places and made me flinch after each word. She was clearly just as scared as me when she heard my voice, I felt her hand pull my face up into her lap so I was facing her. She opened and closed her mouth a few times before she could actually get some ords out  "Steph, what on earth has happened to you?” she stuttered the words and wiped her eyes, “Stephenie tell me what has happened and not your own personal version packed with lies, tell me the truth from the beggining.”                                                                                                 

“Mum I’m not really sure, I mean I came out of school came back here then went to the warehouse...”My words felt like spikes in my throat.

“You went to a warehouse? You told me you were going for a walk not going out!”she said solemnly.

 “Well, the truth is that every time I’ve told you I’ve been going  for a walk, I haven’t been going for a walk I’ve been going to that old town you know where no-one lives, Notsville, or something like that, and no, no, just listen,”I said as she tried to butt in, “ Mum, calm down, yeah so listen, after I got there I got to an old old run-down warehouse where I hang-out right, and I heard a scream, so I thought that someone could be hurt, but then I remembered that no-one came here apart from me, so I assumed it was all in my imagination and I just carried on to the upstairs bathroom that I use, not for going toilet, for doing homework and other things, so I got made my way up the stairs  and to that bathroom I was on about, and I got into the bathroom, and well I don’t know what happened next, I just know it obviously wasn’t good because, well, when I woke up there was blood everywhere, and I didn’t know who’s blood it was and or what it was doing there and I looked like this...and now I don’t know what to do and I’m scared I decided to emitt the part about the whole craving blood, drinking it and then looking like this. “Oh.” Was that all she could say? Oh. “So,so,so what does that mean? Why do you look like this? You don’t think you’ve   been...Chosen?...”at least she sounded just as scared and worried as I was.                                                                                                                                     

 “I think I have,”I whispered, “I think I’ve been Chosen, but what do I do now?”           

 “Wait.” She said ambiguously.

“I’m scared.” I whispered very truthfully.   

    “Are you hungry? I am.” Hungry? “I’ll make us a drink.” She lifted my head off her knee and walked over to the kettle. Hungry? I wasn’t hungry. I couldn’t eat at a time like this. I remembered my craving for blood earlier on today and how I’d been hungry for blood but I decided to push the urge of blood to the side, and stood up and walked over to table. I pulled out a chair and sat down. I watched my foster-mum making the drinks and put my head in my hands there was so many things I wanted to ask. What’ll happen to me? What will I wear? Where will I live? What if they don’t like me? “So steph what do you want to talk about?” 

“What will I have to wear? What’s going to happen to me? Where will I live? What if no-one like’s me? What do you know about pixies? Do you think they like pink?”   “I don’t know what they like sweetheart but I think there’s something I need to tell you. And I need to tell you soon before you dissapear. Come with me. I watched as my foster-mum, took me by the hand and walked up to the old attic with me by her side. She sat me down on one of the million of cushions she uses for the book-club she hosts every week, and she walked over to a big cardboard box, lifted it up and made her way back to me, she sat down and said,“Steph here’s the thing, I’m going to tell you something. Something I should have told you a long time ago. It’s about your birth parents, Stephenie, you are not who you think you are. Your birth parents didn’t die in a car crash. They were Chosen, like you were earlier today. Before they disappeared, they told me to show you these to tell you about them, after you were chosen but before you disappear. Do you want to see your parents?” I nodded hesitantly.                                                                                                                             

 She pulled back the flaps on the box and pulled out a photo album, It was covered in a sort of brown crumpled looking leather with gold writing on the front, it read ,“To Stephenie, Our beloved daughter, We will always love you, Mum and Dad” I closed my eyes and reached out for it, I felt my fingers enclose around it and then pull it in towards me. I opened my eyes and pulled open the cover, I saw two people staring up at me, one was male and had golden tousled hair, and bright green eyes, whereas the other person (a female) had night black hair and piercing blue eyes, both of them though were very beautiful, were they my parents?   “Are they my parents?” I managed to choke out.                                                              

“Yes, yes, they are. You look like both of them, very, very, much.” She replied    “Is this them before or after they were Chosen?”I asked as I flicked through the next couple of pages some were my mum alone or my dad alone, and some both of them or with a tiny baby.

Before they were Chosen.” She stopped my hand flicking on a picture of a baby who looked really grumpy, “You were always so grumpy as a baby!” She laughed a little giggle and then smiled as I started flicking through the next pages.             

 “That baby’s me, right?”I asked a little dubiously, that could not be me! I looked up and saw my foster-mum nodding, I flicked to the next page and stopped on what I saw, It was a picture of a married couple in their wedding clothes, “She was really beautiful, in fact they both were!” How could these catwalk models be my parents?  

“Do you think I’ll see them when I get there, wherever there is?”            

“I don’t know petal, I hope you do get to meet them because they were lovely people I wish you could of had more time with them!”Her eyes met mine, “I wish I could be as nice as them and be happy and give you everything you need!”

  “Oh, you do you’re brilliant! And Tom is too both of you are! You give me everything I need and more!” I felt really bad now. “You don’t need to be hard on yourself and you’re amazing and I am so lucky to have you and now I know how lucky I am to have my birth parents as well! I will never ever forget you! Even when I’m a pixie and in whatever place I’m going! And I’m sure my real parents will never forget what you’ve done for me!”                                   

“Really! You think so?” She whispered.              

 “Yes!”I replied.  

 “Thank you!”She said       

 “It’s O.K. It’s the truth!” I felt like I was the adult here                          

 “I’ve got something for you,” She sniffled and wiped her eyes, “It’s a necklace, it was my mum’s and her mum’s and her mum’s and so on, here, take it."  Her fist was in a ball, and she made it hover over my open palm for a while and then opened it, a brown wooden beaded necklace fell into my palm, I lifted it up to the light and examined it, it had a little four leafed flower painted green, maybe it was a four leafed clover “It’s for good luck, see? It's a four leafed clover; here let me put it on you!”                                               

Her hands took it off mine and they fumbled for they clasp as she was trying to undo it she started mumbling about how it wasn’t that good;“It’s not even that good, I mean I’ve never had any good luck, you probably think it’s horrible, are you sure you want it?” she looked up and locked eyes with mine.                              

“Yes I want it! It’s not horrible it’s beautiful!” I was telling the truth, it truly was beautiful and I needed some luck, even if it didn’t work!  She stood up and walked behind me, and knelt, I could feel her breath on the back of my neck, It was warm and her hands were even warmer, when had she got that warm? Or was it me? Her fingers placed the brown beaded necklace around my neck then moved over in front of me.                                                                         

Her gasp of shock scared me and I jumped at the sound, “Oh it looks beautiful on you, it never really suited me, it does look quite exquisite looking at it now!” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a compact mirror, “Look!” She said as she handed it to me. I opened it up and gasped at what I saw, whereas she was gasping at the necklace I was gasping at my newly formed beauty, “Wow the necklace is exquisite!” I lied.  She gasped again and this time made me drop the mirror onto my lap, but this time I didn’t need a mirror to see what she was gasping at and this time I truthfully did gasp at the necklace, the clover had started to glow with colour even though it was not painted, I looked up at the same time as her and eyes wide open she said;  “Your, your, your, your disa-disappearing!” She choked “What? What do you me-?” But I didn’t need an answer for I could see for myself only too well that I was disappearing, whole body including clothes were becoming translucent, and then I knew what was happening, I was going. I grabbed the photo album and hugged it to my chest.                

 I had been Chosen.       

And now I was going.   

I was disappearing.                         

I could just about see my body outline.


“I love you!” Shouted my foster-mum.


"I love you too!” I shouted back. 


The End

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