Blood Lust

Set in the 1900's, two rival families an a two hundred year old old curse. The Roths and the Wolfes have been feuding for as long as either of the families could remember. Not even history knows what they were fighting over. But still they remain at each others throats.

The street lamps blazed brightly in the night, while the streets themselves were deserted, excluding the prostitutes. Once beautiful young women, now their faces seemed gaunt, their eyes hollow and lifeless.

The youngest of them, and likely most experienced, was Sally-Anne. She stood at the same street every night. Her dress more like a flimsy costume then an actual gown.

Sally sighed, irritated,  so far, no customers. Her stomach growled fiercely and she let out an insolent huff.

Footsteps could be heard as someone walked down the cobbled street. She quickly straightened out her fire red hair, and lowered the top of her dress.

A man turned the corner. His jacket of the finest cloth, and his hair sleeked back. Sally-Anne gave him her best smile and her sweetest voice.

"Hello, mister. Could you escort a young lady home?" She twirled a lock of her hair around her fingers and smiled suggestively. The man looked at her for less then a second before spitting at her feet. Sally's face flushed an ugly colour of red before she responded to his retreating back.

"Well ta 'ell woth ya, ya old fool." He didn't even turn around and she dropped to the ground with a small thump.

It had been a hard week for her. There had been talk of some animal, either a wolf or a bear, coming into town. Already it had killed three men. Nobody wanted to stay outside anymore. But work was work, and she needed money.

Again, footsteps could be heard, but this time they weren't human.

'Just a stray dog' Sally-Anne thought to herself, but that didn't stop the chill crawling up her spine.

From the shadows, a large form moved. Sally froze with fright, her eyes wide. The creature was nothing like any wolf she had seen in the zoo. It's shoulder's her broad, and it's legs long. The claws on its paws were black and long, and it's blood stained fangs showed from under it's lips.

With a low growl, the giant wolf bolted from the young girl, and ran down the streets. Sally-Anne slumped over in a dead faint. The next day she would scream bloody murder about wolves and monsters.

The wolf continued to run through the streets.  Her pelt was dark brown and matted with mud. Her eyes were golden and her teeth were bared. The she-wolf slowed down to a trot as her surroundings changed from shops and tall buildings to small houses.

Several teenagers stood under one street lamp. Their clothes darker and more torn then the  rest of the neighborhood would call proper. The three of them all laughing and smoking.

The she-wolf licked her lips and crouched in the shadows. She didn't want to be seen. And she wasn't, as she crept up to the teenage boys, drool driping from her mouth. A low growl escaped from her throat, and one of the boys looked at her. His face changes to a look of horror, but his voice was too late, and the wolf's jaws closed around his neak. He fell to the ground and a sickening crack could be heard by the young man's friends, as they ran for thier lives.

The she wolf's tail wagged as her muzzle was covered with blood and flesh. She moved from the neck and moved to the torso, ripping and biting at skin and bone. The heart had stopped long before, but she still savoured the taste of it in her mouth.

After eating her fill, she left the body, and the neighborhood dogs came to clear off the rest  of the body like vultures.

The End

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