Chapter 9 The MagicianMature

Night had arrived and Meiko sat up smirking slightly, grabbing her bag and placed it around her waist while getting up off the sofa. Meiko walked towards the door opening it glancing down the hall but quickly pulled herself back inside when she heard a gunshot and the doorframe sprayed splinters over her. Meiko quickly turned around and ran slamming the door behind her.

“You see Meiko you have no escape give yourself up!” Called out Rei’s voice from the other side of the door. Meiko growled to herself then looked at her window running at it then slammed herself through the glass and wood, her shoulder taking the most damage as she fell from the building. Meiko quickly spun herself around to make her landing flat on her back and squared the landing in a garbage bin full of fabrics and mattresses.

“Oof.” Meiko said when she landed then looked up at the window she came from then saw Rei look out and yell commands to the policemen with her.

“You just don’t give up to you.” Meiko said then rubbed her shoulder feeling something wet and sticky on it, her head turned to look at her shoulder seeing it was cut up quite badly, Meiko tried to move her arm but it refused.

“Damn. Dislocated it.” Meiko muttered grabbing her bad arm with her working arm and sat up muffling a yell in pain as she kept her mouth shut then climbed out of the bin and landed on her feet. Meiko grasped her hand over her dislocated shoulder then pushed it back in to place and a small pop could be heard when her shoulder clicked back in to place.

“Hold it right there!” A female voice yelled when Meiko moved to leave. It was Rei.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Rei shouted and Meiko looked at her smiling.

“You’ve broken the law and now in pursuit by the police. You’re under arrest for murder and refusing arrest.” Rei said holding up her police badge.

“You can drop you’re high and mighty voice now. No one is around to hear you.” Meiko said then chuckled when Rei drew her gun.

“Fight me fairly.” Meiko said holding up her hands showing she was unarmed. Rei huffed a laugh.

“As if. I know what you’re like. You put me in hospital because of acid burns on my face. Fortunately skin grafts are easy on the eyes for others.” Rei said walking towards Meiko to handcuff her.

“Well fair enough.” Meiko said as she grasped Rei’s arm and pulled making her yell in shock dropping the gun.

“Come on we took Judo together, let’s see what you know.” Meiko said when she let go of Rei, kicking the gun underneath the large garbage bin.

“As if I’ll entertain you.” Rei said then reached to her waist bag pulling out a

Jōhyō. (A Jōhyō is a light weapon that consists of a rope several meters long, with a handle on one end and a metal dart on the other, a simpler name for it is a Rope Dart.) Meiko looked at it.

“I never knew you took lessons on using that.” Meiko muttered then ducked quickly when Rei threw the dart at her head. “Ha missed.” Meiko said darting forwards grabbing the rope and twisted it around her hand and slid through Rei’s legs pulling the rope flipping her over on to her back. Meiko grabbed the dart on her end and aimed to stab it in to Rei’s leg. Rei quickly moved her leg so it would only cut her leg slightly, Meiko growled and moved the dart once more.

Meiko yelled in pain feeling something stick in to her leg she glared at Rei who had a butterfly knife in her hand.

“Got you.” Rei said but Meiko quickly moved out of the way getting off Rei’s

Jōhyō and growled.

“I won’t need this.” Rei said throwing the Jōhyō to the side.

“Go on then.” Meiko said simply then felt a quick painless slash across her cheek, only until she felt her cheek she felt pain building up.

“Ow.” Meiko hissed then grabbed Rei’s collar and slammed her into the wall while avoiding the random drunken-like swings at her from the knife in Rei’s hand. A second slice across the cheek forced Meiko to retreat back away from the police woman.

“Man you’re mad at me.” Meiko muttered then quickly grabbed the lid of a small rubbish bin and threw it at Rei knocking her off balance then ran forwards grabbing her arm then kicked out at her leg forcing Rei to the floor and pinned her down locking her arms behind her back painfully making Rei yell in pain before grabbing the handcuffs and clicked one on her right wrist, the other end was attached to a drainpipe all in one quick smooth movement. Meiko stood up dusting herself down before looking at Rei angrily.

“Stay.” Meiko said like she was talking to a dog.

“What happened to us?” Rei asked looking at Meiko who was attending to her own wounds with wet tissues in her side bag.

“Hmph.” Meiko huffed finishing fixing her wounds.

“We were dating for three months. Why?” Asked Rei then Meiko rubbed her arms painfully.

“Because you were becoming a pain,” Meiko hissed sharply then ran a hand through her hair “and because I grew apart from you.” Meiko said quietly to herself before gently lifting Rei’s chin to look at her then noticed Rei blush.

“You were always so kind.” Rei said smiling at Meiko who gave her a cold look.

“And now I’m just the same as before.” Meiko said running her spare hand through Rei’s hair and chuckled.

“I’ve always been the same. You‘ve changed.” Meiko said then leaned forwards kissing Rei on the cheek.

“I’ll let you go this time but next time. I’ll teach you a lesson. Not the kind you‘re used to Rei.” Meiko whispered into her ear. Moving her hand up to the handcuffs, Meiko pulled out the key from Rei’s bag and put it in her other hand unlocking the handcuffs.

“Good bye. And I’ll see you later.“ Meiko teased then stood up and left hearing police nearby.

Meiko walked in the shade away from the streetlamps, the moon was silver and full it was the perfect night for a lesson. She walked up to the police station and chuckled, silently walking behind the building looking up at the bar covered window that was Naomi’s room. Meiko climbed up a few boxes then looked through the bars seeing Naomi lying down asleep on the bed, she nodded to herself and got down from the boxes and walked through the front door straight past the guards who grabbed her shoulder pulling her back.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The tall built guard asked and Meiko looked at him through the corner of her eyes “To see Naomi.” Meiko said simply and the guard pushed her back.

“Visiting hours are over. “He said and Meiko chuckled.

“I wasn’t visiting.” Meiko said as she jumped up kicking the guard in the face before falling on her back. The size of her compared to the guard varied from a foot as he was at least 6 foot nine inches and she was only five foot nine inches. The guard looked down at her angrily then reached forwards grabbing her collar and lifted her up so she kicked thin air below her.

“Now be a good little girl and leave.“ He growled but yelled in pain when Meiko kicked him in the jaw and he dropped her, suddenly she grasped his wrist, spinning underneath him twisting his arm. Like a professional Judo user, she flipped him over her head as she ducked then placed her foot on his chest.

“I win.” Meiko said then got off him as he was knocked clean out from hitting his head. Meiko glanced at the other guard who ran straight at her to try and grab her, she smirked spinning to the side tripping him up with her left foot then grasped his arm before he hit the floor and kneed him in the stomach, balancing him on her knee and linked her fingers together before slamming her linked hands in to his back making him cough then let him fall to the floor coughing. Meiko looked at the woman at the reception desk who was now hiding behind it.

“I won’t even bother with you.” Meiko cooed as she walked down the hall once more, ignoring the calls for help from the people in the jail cells around her.

Meiko stopped outside a cell looking through the window seeing it was Naomi’s room then grabbed the keys from the hook next to the door and unlocked it. She kicked open the door walking inside staring down at Naomi who was lying on her bed then pulled out a needle, walking up to her.

“I knew you were going to come.” Naomi said as she rolled on to her side to face Meiko revealing a gun in her hand. It was a standard pistol that the police force used which didn’t surprise Meiko on where she got it from.

“Which is why I have this.” Naomi said sitting up looking at Meiko who raised an eyebrow.

“You’re going to shoot me?” Meiko asked before laughing at her “Try me.” Meiko said.

“You know. I knew you were going to come today and give me one of your so famous lessons.” Naomi said smiling then raised an eyebrow at Meiko.

“Yeah? Well it doesn’t take much to guess. You pretended to be me.” Meiko said simply before Naomi aimed the gun at Meiko smirking then pulling the trigger she shot Meiko in the chest to kill her. Meiko yelled in pain falling to the floor with the force of the gun and laid there with her eyes closed, she laid on the floor unmoving with a hole in her shirt. Naomi laughed standing up nudging Meiko with her foot seeing she was down for the count for sure.

“Now I’m the only one who can teach lessons properly.” Naomi said laughing before sitting next to Meiko who laid on the floor unmoving, blood covered all over her shirt. She laid there lifeless and more or less dead.

The End

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