Chapter 8 JusticeMature

Meiko walked down the street calmly glancing around seeing people giving her dark looks warning her to speed up and move along before they rob her. As if they would, if they did, they would end up being minced up and eaten, she wasn’t a cannibal but if it came to it and she was hungry enough she could in fact eat a human. Not counting the time she killed her mother. Meiko stopped outside of a prison and folded her arms taking a deep breath tossing the newspaper to the ground with its large headline ‘Meiko copy-cat Naomi Reay’ This was the first for Meiko, she had her own copy-cat murderer.

“I wondered who was killing all those people when I wasn’t involved.” Meiko muttered then walked up to the prison doors and opened them, looking inside she noticed the place was heavily guarded. Meiko walked over to the reception desk/

“I wish to see Naomi Reay.” Meiko said calmly and the woman at the desk glanced up at her.

“So?” She asked. The woman had black hair and eyeliner around her eyes, she chewed pink chewing gum and blew a bubble popping it, Meiko’s nails dug in to the table slightly.

“I’d like to see her… Now…”Meiko said coldly as the woman laughed at her.

“Sorry but who are you to say that?” She asked in the same tone and Meiko, as a natural reaction, grasped the collar of the woman’s blouse and pulled her close to her face.

“I am requesting I see her straight away. I am someone she will know.” Meiko hissed sharply and the woman nodded nervously and she let go straightening up the cold look disappearing on her face and was replaced with a happy one.

“Good.” She said smiling when the woman called over security to lead Meiko over to Naomi’s prison cell. Meiko looked at the people glaring at her as she walked down the row of cells.

“There she is,” said a man. He was clearly mad, “that’s the one who made all those people die!” He yelled pulling his hair out.

“I saw her in my dream. The evil she-devil.” He yelled then was pushed to the floor by security to be forced to shut up. Meiko looked away when the security said sorry to her she shrugged it off then looked at the final cell with the bolted door the guards opened it up.

“Do you want us to come with you?” Asked one and Meiko shook her head.

“I’m fine. Just wait outside.” Meiko said smiling then the men nodded when Meiko walked inside closing the door behind her the men stood guard and waited for her to finish.

Meiko looked at the room at the woman inside.

“Afternoon.” Meiko called out to the woman who glanced at her and smiled.

“Meiko! You came for me!” The woman said happily standing up from her chair knowing the room was soundproof so no matter how loud she shouted only Meiko and herself would hear. Meiko nodded slightly and grasped Naomi’s collar shoving her against the wall holding her there.

“You pretended to be me.” Meiko hissed darkly then Naomi laughed slightly while placing her hands on Meiko’s shoulders to stop her from pushing so hard on her throat.

“Yeah I know didn’t I do a good job?” Naomi asked and Meiko pulled out a newspaper holding it in front of Naomi’s eyes.

“No, you did a shit job. Without giving them a chance to escape or get free.” Meiko said sharply then dropped Naomi onto her backside and stood over her.

“You saved yourself in one of my lessons. You’d understand that I don’t kill people.” Meiko said then Naomi stood up wincing in pain rubbing her neck coughing to catch her breath then Meiko turned to leave the room.

“I’ll be back later to break you out.” Meiko said smiling at Naomi before leaving the room walking back down the hall bowing in thanks to the woman at the desk and headed down the street remembering how she first met Naomi.

Meiko laughed slightly watching the news as people had no idea who she was then was about to flick over until she noticed a woman on screen and frowned seeing she had been found after being ‘missing’ for two weeks on end and had been found in a hotel room unharmed. Meiko knew the truth behind this, she knew it wasn’t real, it was just her asking for attention. Meiko turned off the television and stood up grabbing her bag and keys leaving her apartment walking down the corridor.

“Morning.” Meiko said happily to the people standing in the corridor as she passed them then walked downstairs and through the doors walking out on to a different street to the present day, the street was full of life and happy people. Meiko waved hello to them then stopped outside of a music shop seeing the woman inside from the news, the woman left the shop and walked through an alley.

“Afternoon.” Meiko called out down the alley and the woman looked back at her.

“Umm… Hello?” The woman replied and Meiko smiled walking up to her and laughed quietly it was who she thought it was.

“See, you’ve been found. Haven’t you learnt that walking down an alley alone is like shouting ‘Kidnap me’ you do know that right?” Asked Meiko and the woman laughed slightly.

“Oh I never thought of that.” She said then looked at Meiko who reached in to her pocket.

“Like this.” Meiko said drawing the needle then stabbed it through the woman’s chest injecting her with the liquid. “What did you do?!” The woman yelled then felt sleepy she collapsed on to her knees and Meiko picked her up slinging her over her shoulder then walked away towards an abandoned warehouse where the woman’s lesson would begin.

Meiko chuckled as she started to set the walls to the room to close in on the woman if the lesson was failed, she sat on the floor catching her breath then blew a stray hair from her face then grabbed the spanner and twisted one last nut on the wall. Meiko walked over to the table setting out knives and needles, even a pistol with one bullet in it for if the person wanted to die in a quick and painless way. A bullet through the head. Meiko walked over to the glass box in the room no bigger than a simple black recycling box. The glass box had a black marker line on it near the top marked with ‘5 pints’ and there were two wires at the line as well, Meiko looked at the woman passed out on the floor then saw her twitch slightly. Meiko chuckled stepping out of the room and walked up to the tinted glass window so the woman couldn’t see her but she could see the woman, Meiko set up the microphone and chuckled turning it on.

“Wake up Miss Reay.” Meiko said through the microphone looking through the tinted glass at the woman who got up quickly.

“Where am I?!” She yelled at the mirror in the room.

Meiko chuckled, “in a lesson.” Meiko said then checked the microphone.

“Naomi Reay you’re here because you crave for some attention, in fact you crave it so much you go missing for two weeks making people worry about you. Well now it’s your time to shine. In front of you is a glass box all you have to do is fill it with a liquid that pumps through your body. Yes. I mean blood, your blood actually. The human body has ten pints of blood in it if you’re an adult. And oh, look, you’re an adult. I have given you the tools for your success on that back table behind you, and there is a camera hidden in the wall so everyone can see it when they find it.” Meiko said smirking when Naomi picked up the knife and looked at it.

“And if I don’t fill it?” Naomi asked quickly. “The walls on either side of you will close in and you will be crushed to death.” Meiko said simply.

“You have five minutes Naomi Reay. Chop chop. Let the lesson begin.” Meiko said smirking.

Naomi quickly sprung in to action as she ran over to the table grabbing a knife she looked at the window quietly and quickly walked over to the box looking at it.

“What’s the gun for?!” She asked and Meiko laughed slightly, wasn’t it obvious?

“For if you give up.” Meiko said then watched what was going on quietly. Naomi rolled up the sleeves on her blouse revealing her arm she checked the knife to see if it was sharp enough then placed the top on her wrist and winced in pain.

“I.. I can’t do it…” She said nervously unable to press down on the knife to slice her wrist open. Naomi closed her eyes and slashed her wrist letting blood drip inside the box.

“A minute has passed.” Meiko said in a monotone through the microphone. Naomi panicked and reached over to the table without moving her wrist from over the box then picked up a scalpel and stuck it inside the cut and twisted it making the wound bigger blood gashed out of the wound and she turned pale.

“Four more pints.” Meiko said sitting down reading a magazine as she put her feet up on the table. Naomi winced then moved the scalpel inside the cut again and then traced the artery up the arm before stabbing it in to it and dragged the scalpel down more blood pouring out of her arm it dripped in to the glass box/

“One more pint.” Meiko said after a few more minutes of blood loss from Naomi. Naomi nodded and squeezed the wound to get more blood out she grabbed the scalpel and opened up the wound more to get more blood into the box after a minute there as a beep and Meiko smiled.

“Well done. You have passed my lesson.” Meiko said then turned the microphone off and left through the back door, leaving the woman by herself to fix any wounds inflicted on her.

Naomi grabbed her jacket and wrapped it around her arm and wrist tightly before moving out of the room towards the door opening it she groaned in pain then some people called for an ambulance getting her help sooner or later she was in hospital unconscious getting more blood put inside of her.

“Well done you passed.” Meiko said looking at her through the window to the room then moved to leave.

“I’ll be seeing you soon.” Meiko whispered quietly then left the hospital and walked home back to her apartment greeting the people and walked inside her room and locked it behind her flopping on to the sofa.

“Finally.” She muttered then closed her eyes briefly.

Meiko smiled to herself at the memory and even remembered having tea and cake that day as well.

“Wow that was two years ago.” Meiko muttered to herself then opened the door to her rundown apartment. Everyone left when the place got infested with rats and eventually everyone gave up caring about this area of town and moved somewhere, all except Meiko had left. Meiko picked up her bag with needles in it and got prepared for another lesson by ticking it off on her checklist then picked up a paper clip putting it in her pocket then flopped down on the sofa turning on the television seeing the news story about Naomi being revealed as a Meiko copy-cat. Meiko knew how to fix that. She knew fine well. By a lesson…

The End

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