Chapter 7 The Wheel of FortuneMature

Meiko strolled down the street with confidence in every step she glanced around then her eyes fixed on a primary school, she chuckled quietly then walked towards it opening the school gate and walked through the yard filled with small primary school children, she chuckled when they looked up at her. Meiko stood outside of the main school doors then felt someone gently pull on the back of her shirt, she glanced at who it was seeing a small brown haired girl looking up at her.

“Miss.” The little girl said and Meiko raised an eyebrow.

“Umm… I’m not miss.” Meiko said then noticed the girl looked quite upset.

“But I can be miss for a few minutes. What’s wrong?” Meiko asked kneeling down to the girl’s height and the girl pointed to some boys throwing a blue bag back and forth to each other.

“They stole it from me and won’t give it back.” She said looking at Meiko. Meiko sighed standing up straight walking over to the boys.

“Excuse me. Can you give that girl her bag back?” Meiko said calmly the boys looked up at her.

“You’re not a teacher.” One boy said as they passed the bag to each other.

“So no.” The other boy said laughing. Meiko reached her hand to her face running it down then looked at the boys through her fingers.

“Now,” Meiko said holding out her hand that was once on her face “give me her bag.” Meiko said and the boys laughed at her.

“You’re not a teacher.” One said laughing at Meiko as they continued to pass the bag to each other. Meiko clenched her fist shut in annoyance.

“You’re right.” Meiko said then reached forwards grabbing the boy’s collar and lifted him up.

“Give that girl her bag back, say you’re sorry, leave her alone, don’t even look in her direction and we won’t have any problems.” Meiko hissed then dropped the boy on to his butt as the other one dropped the bag and ran away yelling about some creep in the yard. Meiko smiled nodding to the bag and then at the girl.

“Give her it back then.” Meiko said and before she could repeat herself the boy stood up quickly ran over to the bag and then the girl handing her it back and said sorry as much as he could before running off to find his friend.

“Thank you.” The little girl said looking up at Meiko who smiled down at her lifting her hand and ruffled the little girl’s hair.

“Be good now.” Meiko said as she waved leaving to walk inside the school building.

Glancing around, Meiko looked at the displays which were all happy and full of bright pictures of dragons being killed by princes just to save a princess from a tower. Something snapped Meiko out of her thoughts she glanced around curiously then peeked inside of a room seeing a woman on the piano she had ginger hair with beautiful green eyes, her face was slim and young she wore a black blazer with a white blouse, black trousers and shoes.

“Ehem.” Meiko cleared her throat as the woman stopped playing.

“Ah Ode to Joy? Beethoven? Lovely.” Meiko said chuckling when the woman looked at her confused but something in the room turned cold.

“How did you get in?” She quipped and Meiko let out a blunt laugh reaching in to her bag wrapping her hands around a needle.

“The door.” Meiko said before stabbing forwards catching the woman in the neck with the needle and pumped the liquid into the woman‘s blood stream.

“Sleep tight Miss Largo.” Meiko whispered in to the woman’s ear before she collapsed in to her arms. Meiko smiled softly then picked up the woman, hoisting her over her shoulder then walked towards the fire exit she glanced around the room then chuckled walking out of the school building through the fire exit, no one dared asked what she was doing or where she was going.

Meiko walked towards the building of her lessons, she opened the door and walked through to the backroom. Dropping the woman on the floor, Meiko then pulled out the organs she had collected and placed them on the table looking at them while folding her arms.

“Heart, lungs, blood, brain, eyes, tongue and a hand. Lovely meal.” Meiko muttered then looked at the woman.

“Hmph.” Meiko huffed standing up walking over to the door slamming it shut then locked it. Meiko walked over to the woman and picked her up putting her in a chair in front of the table.

“Wake up. Come on. I didn’t even hit you.” Meiko said gently slapping the woman awake.

“Oww..” She groaned opening her eyes looking at Meiko.

“Ack!” she yelled standing up but Meiko grabbed the back of her shirt pulling her back down. Meiko perched on a table then placed her left foot on the left (her left) arm rest and then placed her right on the right armrest as she sat down on the table.

“Morning sleepyhead.” Meiko said then leaned forwards placing a hand on the woman’s head.

“No wonder.” Meiko said then cleared her throat “Samantha Largo. I’ve brought you here for a lesson. You’re a teacher at the primary school near here. But an awfully useless one.” Meiko said straightening up as she pushed on the chair with her legs tilting it back.

“Sure you were strict and you got the lesson’s done but really. That isn’t enough… Today, I came to your school and a girl’s bag was stolen and you were watching but did you do anything? No.” Meiko said sharply then slammed the chair down straight.

“So. I’m going to teach you a lesson. If you live or die, is up to you. This lesson is so you open up your eyes more.” Meiko said softly then moved her feet off the armrests.

Meiko smiled back at Samantha and stood up turning her back to her.

“Your lesson is food. When people see this food they think of where it could have came from.” Meiko said as she started to pour the blood from the bag in to a wine glass then chuckled when she spun around holding the wine glass.

“What is that?” Samantha asked sharply and Meiko smiled holding it out.

“You tell me.” Meiko said offering it to Samantha who picked it up smelling it then gagged slightly.

“It’s blood!” Samantha said quickly before Meiko took the blood back and placed it on the table she was once sitting on.

“I know wait until you see what I have for starters!” Meiko said picking up a plate and showed it to Samantha.

“Tah dah! Human eyes and tongue.” Meiko said putting the plate down then stepped out of the way showing Samantha all of the foods.

“Now your lesson is. How many of these you can eat before you’re poisoned. You see. These organs were kindly donated by someone who poisoned himself and well. Poison seeps through certain parts of the body. You just have to pick which organs aren’t in that path.” Meiko said simply smirking at Samantha’s face.

“S-so you want me to eat them?” Samantha said quietly then Meiko nodded “Yes.” Meiko cooed then held out a knife and fork.

“And if you don’t…” Meiko trailed off as she pulled out a small device, “in that injection was a microscopic chip and by my guesses it’s in your brain now. If you don’t eat the right organs I’ll activate that chip and it’ll heat up and up until it melts your brain.” Meiko said simply then laughed as she stepped behind Samantha.

“Enjoy. It’s on the house.” Meiko said then sat down at waited for Samantha to start.

“I can’t…” Samantha said quietly as she looked at the organs and the blood on the table.

“I can’t eat them…” Samantha said nervously.

“Then don’t. Let yourself die.” Meiko said smirking darkly before watching as Samantha picked up the plate containing the tongue she frowned quietly then gently cut a piece off the tongue and put it on her fork she gulped and slowly ate it pulling a sick face when she swallowed it.

“Yeah you don’t have to eat the whole thing.” Meiko said smirking when Samantha looked at the eyeballs and left them due to thinking they were poisonous. Samantha looked at the lungs and cut a piece off and bit in to it, it was like biting in to bubble wrap as popping noises could be heard as she ate the lung. Samantha gagged slightly then looked at what else might not be poisoned, she looked at the brain and winced cutting a piece off that and eating it. The brain had a gooey texture like eating really soggy bread and even tasted like it too, Samantha swallowed then looked at Meiko.

“That should be it.” Samantha said quietly, Meiko shook her head.

“Nope.” Meiko said then waited for Samantha to make up her mind she looked at the blood in a wine glass she picked it up and smelt it she winced then took a mouthful swallowing she coughed violently at the taste she dropped the wine glass on the floor shattering it she looked back at Meiko.

“Sorry… That was poisonous.” Meiko cooed as Samantha grasped her throat as foam came out of her mouth she tried to breath but couldn’t, blood came from her eyeballs and blood came from her ears and nose she made violent hissing noises as she tried to breath but her head slammed down on the table, she was dead.

“Should have paid attention in school.” Meiko said nudging Samantha then shrugged grabbing her and walked over to the large gas fire and stuffed her in, lighting it and watched the body burn. Meiko chuckled as the fire licked at Samantha’s body, burning away the skin, making hissing noises as it burnt her hair, Meiko closed the gas fire door and walked away towards her house again she passed the little girl she helped before.

“Miss miss!” The little girl said smiling up at Meiko who raised an eyebrow curiously and then recognised the girl as the one she encountered before meeting miss Largo.

“Oh hello there again.” Meiko said smiling at the girl. She was secretly glad that she didn‘t have any blood on her clothes as that would have made things awkward to explain. Maybe just a nosebleed would have fixed the excuse.

“Thanks for helping me earlier!” The girl said cheerfully.

“Ah no problem.” Meiko spoke then moved to walk away.

“Wait,” the girl said catching up to Meiko, “when I grow up I want to be just like you.” She said smiling at Meiko. Meiko placed a hand on the girl’s head.

“Trust me… You don’t.” Meiko breathed, waving goodbye as she walked away towards her house once more.

“Nice kid…” Meiko muttered then walked inside her apartment once more, leapt over the broken floorboard, picked up a newspaper, turned the page and looked at it. Meiko flopped down on the sofa and looked at the newspaper “Naomi Reay…” Meiko said quietly then thought back.

“Hmm… I should pay her a visit… And teach her something new… In a lesson.” Meiko said leaning back in the sofa chuckling.

“Let the lessons begin.”

The End

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