Chapter 6: The FoolMature

Meiko groaned in pain as she lifted her head her vision slightly blurred she blinked a few times seeing her arms strapped to some kind of device either side of her she looked at the detective standing opposite her with her arms folded.

“Youre finally awake.” The detective said smiling gently. The detective was tall and very slim she had red hair with dark brown eyes, she looked highly attractive in many opinions but she was too modest towards people to notice how lucky she was, it was as if she was plucked from the cover of a model magazine and made to work for the police. Meiko frowned at the detective when she reached forwards and pinched her cheek pulling it slightly.

“Youre nothing but a softie when youre tamed.” The detective said in a childish voice then chuckled while pulling a pouting a face.

“Shut up Rei.” Meiko tried to speak as it was hard due to the detective, now known to be Rei, pinching her cheeks.

“Heh.” Rei said letting go of Meikos cheeks then traced Meikos arms down to her hands were even her fingers were attached to this device that seemed to hold her arms and legs still. Rei linked hands with Meiko and leaned closely to her.

“You know how much I hate killing people.” Rei said softly running her finger across Meikos lips and leaned close to them while breathing on her lips.

“You remember me fine well.” Rei said smirking when Meiko blushed deep red. Rei chuckled kissing Meiko on the cheek then pulled back clearing her throat looking at the policemen staring.

“Well! Get a move on.” Rei snapped sharply then looked at Meiko.

“Meiko Schwartz. You have been brought here today as a lesson must be taught to you. All your life youve decided who needs teaching and whos needed to be punished. Now its our turn to teach you. You are attached to a device, it will break bones and then eventually break your spine and neck. But there is a way out of it, you could always have excruciating pain by getting the key from inside this.” Rei said holding up a deep bowl of acid.

“But Im not stupid, youre going to have to go key bobbing.” Rei said simply placing the bowl on the small platform in front of Meikos chest “Its acid, but a weak acid but just enough to hurt when you touch it.” Rei said calmly then stepped back.

“You have five minutes.” Rei said calmly stepping back then pressed the button next to her.

“Let your lesson begin.” Rei said turning to leave with the police to leave her to the lesson.

Meiko looked at the bowl of acid then laughed quietly.

“Theres the keys.” Meiko muttered then leaned forwards slightly looking closer at the bowl about to actually bob for the keys she stopped, what if she swallowed some of this acid? Or got it in her eyes, shed go blind. Meiko pulled back then yelled in pain when something pushed against her fingers snapping them she cried out gasping for breath as it hurt so much she was still able to move her fingers slightly the device must have only slightly broken her fingers. Meiko looked at the acid then thought for a second leaning forwards again biting the edge of the bowl carefully then tilted her head pouring out some of the acid she winced in pain when some dripped on her legs but continued to pour it out then tilted the bowl back to normal seeing the keys she put her head inside the bowl and bit the keys pulling them out, using her tongue to straighten the keys in her mouth, she looked at the lock next to her she felt the device start on her left hand fingers.

She quickly put the key in the left lock and tilted her head twisting it and then twisted it again until the device made a small popping noise and her left arm was freed, she pulled out her left arm and grabbed the keys unlocking her right side. Pulling her arm free, she rubbed her fingers biting back a yell when she clenched her hand shut. Meiko reached down unlocking the left and right leg she quickly pulled away from the machine and fell flat on her stomach, wincing in pain looking at her legs seeing them covered in blood from some spikes sticking in to her legs which must have been used to break them if she hadnt got out on time, she looked at her watch. “Five, four, three, two, one.” Meiko said then looked back at the machine as the panels that held her down moved at the arms which would have snapped her arms like twigs, the spikes where her legs were stuck out and then finally the two panels where her back and neck were quickly snapped up which would have broken her back and neck.

Meiko stood up slowly then moved behind the device quickly when Rei and her policemen walked in.

“And here she should be-”Rei started then looked at the device.

“Impossible… She isnt human…” Rei muttered then saw the acid all over the floor.

“Ive underestimated Meiko…”Rei said then looked around the room from where she stood.

“Look around… She couldnt have gotten far…”Rei said walking around the room and the policemen did as they were told and looked around as well then checked the other rooms leaving Rei to look around herself.

“How did you get out…”Rei asked herself then winced when someone covered her mouth pulling her close.

“You underestimated me.” Meiko whispered in to Reis ear then smiled pinching her cheek and pulled slightly. Rei winced and pulled away facing Meiko “Ive never seen anyone escape that device before.” Rei said quietly then looked at Meiko.

Meiko shrugged simply.

“Im not normal in my case.” Meiko said calmly then felt Rei grab her wrists pulling her closely.

“Well I still have you.” Rei said chuckling.

Meiko shook her head once “Not really.” Meiko said as she spun out of Reis grasp and grabbed something off the floor hiding it in her hand. Rei laughed drawing her tranquilizer once more pointing it at Meikos head

“You dare.” Rei said sharply then Meiko nodded.

“Fair enough.” Meiko said spinning around facing Rei she grabbed her wrist knocking the gun away then swung her fist forwards punching Rei in the eye area and she yelled in pain grasping where her right eye was, she looked at Meiko.

“What was that?!” Rei shouted then Meiko revealed the keys between her index and middle finger “I punched you in the eye with these keys.” Meiko said then grasped Reis collar pulling her over to the spilt acid and pushed her over on to it. Rei yelled in pain as she tried to get up but Meiko stood on the left side of her face forcing her right side to the floor on the acid. Meiko got off Rei and stepped back.

“Better.” Meiko said when Rei rose to her feet, Meiko pulled back her fist again and punched Rei across the face sending her scrawling to the floor.

“I win.” Meiko said seeing a window she looked back at the policemen who had ran in to the room.

“Stop!” They yelled. Meiko laughed running towards the window and smashed through the glass landing on the floor in a forwards roll then landed on her feet she started to run away.

“Rei.” The policemen said walking over to Rei she was unconscious and had burns from the acid on the right side of her face and her right eye seemed okay, the key wasn‘t long enough to take it out.

Meiko trailed her heavy legs back home she looked at the apartment glad that Rei Shi the detective had left it the way it was… Messy… Meiko walked over to the cupboard, reached inside pulling out a can of soda and a cup she poured the soda in to the cup and drank it half way once more then walked over to the sofa flopping down. Meiko grabbed the first aid kit from under the sofa and opened it, pulling out a needle and special stitches, she stitched up the cuts on her legs then put the first aid box away putting it under the sofa. Meiko lifted her legs on the sofa once more then picked up a newspaper then looked at another page at a woman with silk black hair.

“You.” Meiko muttered before looking at the fridge.

“Perfect.” Meiko said then sat up and moved towards the fridge opening it seeing the organs she had collected from before then picked the bag up. Meiko picked up her side bag as well putting it on around her waist then left out of her room, jumping over the broken floorboard and out of the apartments ready for her next victim. Samantha Largo.

The End

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