Chapter 5: The Tower.Mature

Meiko walked over to the woman.

“Welcome Mary Tesaki. I want to teach you a lesson. For five years now you have been dating Aaron Hackthaw, it was love at first sight but not for him and you. Beside Aaron Hackthaw is his brother John. You dated him for three years, two years after your relationship started with Aaron, you have been cheating on them both. Now you must decide who will survive and who will die.” Meiko said calmly as Mary panicked seeing the collar with knives on it around her neck she yelled trying to pull it off.

“I wouldn’t if I were you.” Meiko said calmly then looked at the men.

“Inside each of these men is a key, that key may be real or not. You have a lock on your collar which that key may or may not fit in to that lock. One of them has the fake key inside of him while the other has the correct key inside of him. How far will you go to save your life?” Meiko asked simply as she looked at her remote control for the collar.

“On that table there are many objects you could use to get the keys out of them. It’s up to you who you pick and how you get the key out of them. Let the lesson begin.” Meiko said as she pressed the button on the remote and a small beep could be heard from the collar.

“You have 5 minutes.” Meiko said before sitting down in a chair watching.

“You sick bitch!” Aaron shouted at her then looked at Mary he wanted to live, he had to live, he had too much to live for.

“He has the key inside of him I know!” Shouted John quickly as he tried to escape but couldn’t.

“I know my brother has the key in him!” Shouted John he wanted to live more than Aaron so decided to lie as much as he can, even if he didn’t know the truth at all. It was worth a shot.

“You don’t know liar!” Yelled Aaron. Mary stood frozen on the spot five minutes until what? Was the only thing she thought she walked over to the table and picked up a large chef’s knife then nodded to herself looking at John

“Sorry.” Were the only words that escaped her lips.

Meiko watched at Mary approached John with the knife ready.

“Sorry John.” She said once more before lifting the knife stabbing in to his intestine area, she ripped him open with it and wrapped her hands around his intestines pulling them out then cut them out properly as she ran her hands over the intestines trying to find the key she shook nervously pushing waste through the intestine in case Meiko forced him to eat the key. Mary looked at the intestines seeing there was no key inside of them she yelled nervously throwing them to the side then stood up going for the next thing, his liver, she cut open the area where her liver was and grabbed it pulling it out cutting it open not caring about the blood she turned the liver inside out checking for the key she shook her head unable to see the key. She ran back to John but slipped on some blood. She coughed in pain while standing up stabbing the knife in to his kidney area she grasped them by the urethra (The stalk type things Kidneys are attached too) and pulled them out ripping them out of the body she quickly cut the left one in half first, she shook terrified as she ran her thumbs through it for the key but found nothing the threw it to the side and checked the other one but nothing she threw them away and stabbed in to his collar bone but she could cut through the ribcage. Mary ran over to the table and grasped the hammer in her sweaty bloody hands she smashed the hammer in to Josh’s chest a few times, breaking his ribcage with multiple cracks. She ripped his ribcage open, after cutting down his chest she looked at his lungs. Quickly as can be she wrapped her sweaty hands around the lungs and tugged, she grabbed her knife and slashed across his body cutting the lungs out she slammed them on a table, only a few minutes remained. Mary stabbed the knife in to the lungs slitting it open putting her hands inside checking for the key still nothing.

Mary was petrified she looked at John once last time before grasping her hand on to his heart and then pulled out his heart blood squirting on her shirt and face let alone the floor, she slammed his heart on the table and grabbed the knife first she stuffed her fingers in to the valves of his heart moving her fingers slightly then felt something. “The key!” She said quickly then pulled her fingers out of the valves and sliced the heart in half fumbling with the key she reached to her collar and put the key inside the lock and twisted but nothing happened. She twisted the key over and over again.

“It’s the wrong key.” She said fearfully she looked at Aaron who was pale and looked sick from all the blood, her need to live was much stronger than Aaron’s need to live. She wanted to live so much.

“Sorry.” She said picking up the knife the collar read one minute and 20 seconds, she ripped the knife in to Aaron’s chest grabbing the hammer slamming the hammer in to the handle of the knife like a chisel and continued until his chest was opened up she slashed it open, Aaron was screaming in pain as she grabbed his heart and cut it out straight away she sliced it open looking inside only to find blood clots nothing else she frowned as she threw the heart to the side blood now everywhere. She looked like a zombie from a zombie film with all the blood and with her ripping organs out of people. Mary cut out his lungs searching through them and found nothing, thirty seconds left and she had only found one key she panicked even more then stabbed in to Aarons intestines and ripped them out tracing through them.

Twenty seconds, Mary squeezed the intestines then felt the key after a few seconds of trying she squeezed the intestines to push out the key, ten seconds remained, Mary fumbled quickly as she grasped the key finally when it came out she laughed at Meiko then the key slipped from her grasp she yelled reaching forwards grabbing the key, five seconds, she reached up to stick the key in the lock she fumbled around for a moment trying to get it in. Zero seconds. The knifes suddenly stabbed in to her throat, Mary spat out blood as she fell to her knees the knifes moved around finishing the cut on Mary and her head rolled off her neck and fell to the floor surrounded by blood, as it poured from her neck the body slouched to the floor headless and dead. Meiko stood up grasping the key from Mary’s hand and unlocked the collar taking it off then placed the collar back in the cupboard she sighed slowly walking over to the bodies then sighed slowly.

“You have failed the lesson.” Meiko said coldly then grabbed an axe from the cupboard and walked over to Mary’s body and slammed the axe down cutting off her arm with it then her legs and other arm, she cut her body up in to large pieces she chuckled slightly, wrapping it up in foil. She put the pieces in a box and did the same to the men too cutting them up and removing the clothing left on the meat, she put them in a box and smiled. Walking in to another room ,she skinned them of all their skin and then wrapped them up for the final time and closed the box writing an address on it.

The address was for the local butcher, Meiko walked over to the post office and put a stamp on the box placing it by the post box and left quietly no one stopped her to ask about the blood on her they just presumed she was drunk and got in to some scrap with another woman. But Meiko knew… She knew the baker would take the meat thinking it was pork or whatever and would sell it to everyone in the city who shopped there. What a terrific way to die and go down. Meiko walked towards her apartment once more and stepped over the crack in the floor and back to her apartment she opened the door slamming it behind her as she walked over to the can of soda she left open this morning and poured it in to a glass. Something was wrong… The can had more than half left in it this morning now there was only a few drops, Meiko’s hair on the back of her neck stood up as she spun around.

“Hope you don’t mind we let ourselves in.” A Female said calmly stepped from around the door she wore a uniform with the police badge on it.

“Shit.” Meiko cursed before pressing her back against the cupboard.

“I do mind actually.” Meiko said in a bored tone as she finished off her soda then looked at the detective and the policemen with her.

“We finally found you Meiko.” The detective said drawing her gun and shot Meiko in the stomach with a tranquilizer. Meiko coughed in pain feeling the liquid rush through her veins she looked at the detective.

“Fuck… You…”Meiko said before the detective walked over to her brushing her hand through Meiko’s hair then leaned close to Meiko’s ear.

“I have a lesson for you.” She whispered in to Meiko’s ear before Meiko closed her eyes weakly and fell in to the detectives arm.

“No need to handcuff her. She’ll be out for around five hours enough time to set her lesson up.” The detective said hooking her right arm under Meiko’s knees and then her left arm behind Meiko’s shoulders, she picked her up in a bridal hold and smiled seeing Meiko was out cold.

“Let’s see how far you’d go to save your live.” The detective said smiling.

The End

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