Chapter 4: The LoversMature

Finally 3pm came, Meiko opened one eye, she had her legs rested on the sofa and a book on her face. She groaned picking up the book reading it quietly then with a yawn she slammed it shut on a fly with a crunch when it landed on the page, she put the book down not caring about the fly guts in her book. Meiko stretched then sat up slowly and yawned once more rubbing her eyes before rising to her feet cracking her fingers, shoulders, back and knees all at once she winced in pain.

“Shit.” She cursed under her breath before making her way over to the cupboard and pulled out a can of soda catching her finger under the ring and pulled. The can hissed when she opened it and the scent of lemons filled the air when she did so, Meiko lifted the can to her lips and took a long drink swallowing the liquid after getting halfway through the can, she stopped drinking and put the can down checking her wrist seeing the small red dot from the injection. Meiko ran her finger across it then walked towards the door, passing the sofa and the broken telephone, she didn’t need it as she had no one to call; if there was a fire no one would come, if there was a murder no one would cry, if there was someone missing no one would care. Meiko picked up her side bag full of syringes and bottles to use to help her get her target, she walked down the hall, over the floorboards where the woman laid dead getting thinner and thinner by the day as rats nibbled away at her, she heard a snap she gasped quickly when the floorboard below her gave way and she fell. Meiko quickly grabbed up, clasping the floor above her before she could fall any further.

“Crap.” She groaned then with one quick kick forwards, she flipped herself back on to the floor above her. She sighed angrily flipping on to her back looking up before pulling herself to her feet. Meiko looked at her palm seeing it was grazed from the wood.

“Damn.” She muttered seeing specks of blood on her hand before she moved away towards the door weakly then looked at it, pushing it open. Meiko walked outside straightening up as the cold air brushed against her skin, the hairs on her arms stood up as it was too cold, Meiko walked down the street towards the centre. She pulled up her hood when she walked inside to the yoga class as it started to finish, there she was, her target… A woman with short blond hair with brown streaks in it sitting in the lotus position with her eyes closed, after around five minutes had passed a small chime was rang and every one stood up and turned to leave to the changing rooms except from the woman.

“Hey.” Meiko said walking around the corner and the woman looked at her with her dull dark blue eyes which looked like a broken ocean that was neglected by the sun, moon and the stars.

“What?” She asked and Meiko smiled at her slightly holding out a hand to help her up but when the woman took her hand, Meiko pulled her halfway then pulled out a needle filled with a silver liquid and stuck it in to the womans stomach, injecting it in to her and she collapsed. Meiko picked her up over her shoulder and walked out through the fire exit, glancing back at the building, she chuckled. No one was left in the room, she didn’t care if the camera’s saw her, what were they going to do? Follow her? Fat chance.

“The final person.” Meiko muttered then walked down the road towards a building where it had been run down for years.

Meiko opened the door and threw the woman to the floor as she closed the door and locked it. She walked over to a cupboard and pulled out a collar but a normal collar, no… A collar with six knives attached to it only a few inches away from the small slits in the collar, each knife had a thin tip with blood encrusted on them, Meiko slipped the collar over the womans head and tightened it slightly not enough for the woman not to breathe but enough to stop her from taking it off. Meiko set up the device on a timer of 5 minutes then froze the time checking the remote in her hand before walking over to the table with two men tied down and shirtless but with multiple stitches on their body. One on their chest where the heart is, one in the stomach, one where the liver is, the small and large intestines, spleen and the kidneys. They were both identical she gently slapped the one on her right across the face and he woke up.

“Oww…”He groaned looking at Meiko.

“You!” He yelled angrily shouting abuse at her as she slapped him again, it was amusing to slap someone out of a fit of rage.

“I see youre awake.” Meiko said then turned to the other man and slapped him across the face and he woke up but instead of yelling at her he cried for help so Meiko slapped him again.

“Shut up.” Meiko hissed then walked over to another table where there was a layout of knives, scalpels and even a hammer or two.

“What did we do wrong?” Asked the man who was cursing at Meiko.

“Nothing. It was what she done wrong.” Meiko said pointing at the woman lying on the floor unconscious

“You Bitch! You killed her!” Yelled the man.

“Youre just angry at me for knocking you out.” Meiko said as she thought back to when she was catching the two men.

Meiko pulled her hood up as she walked down the road towards a bar, she opened the door as the odor of drink and smoke filled the air around her she walked inside her eyes meeting on a man swinging on his stood half drunk.

“Ha! I’d give a twenty pound note to whoever can pin me down to the floor!” He laughed clearly drunk. Meiko pulled a face under her hood as she walked up to him.

“I’ll take you up on that offer!” She said pretending to be drunk, the man laughed at her as he stood up bracing himself to be pinned down. Meiko walked over to him and pushed him over sitting on his stomach holding his hands down to the floor.

“Quick lady.” He said laughing his breath smelt of whiskey. Meiko got off him as he held out the twenty pound note to her, she took it from his hand and stuffed it into her pocket then chucked in a flirty tone.

“I think we could have some fun.” She said running her fingers across his jaw.

“Come out side and we can have some fun.” She said flirtatiously as she wrapped her hand around his work tie and gently pulled him outside and a few whistles escaped from the crowd. The man raised a thumb to them as he left, little did they know he may not come back… Meiko walked in to an alley and pulled down her hood slightly then looked at him smirking as he took off his jacket, she walked to the end of the alley and picked up a pipe quietly as he walked towards her, she swung it full force to his head knocking him over she laughed once then picked him up walking to the building where she committed most of her murders and threw him on to a table pulling out a scalpel. Removing his shirt checking if he was out cold, she ripped open his shirt then ran the scalpel down his chest and started to cut away she stitched up the one made next to his heart and liver. She also stitched up the one next to his kidneys and spleen but when she cut open to the intestine she laughed and gently cut inside his small intestine and inserted a key she slowly stitched the wound back up and then the incision was stitched up too, she chuckled darkly. She strapped him down then left to get her second prey.

Meiko waltzed down the street. She stopped outside the activity centre and looked inside seeing a waltz class going on, she waltzed inside and then peeked inside the waltz class seeing it had finished and saw a blonde haired man; tall, glasses and not very muscular or strong, leave towards the changing rooms he was the only male in the class. Meiko followed behind him as she followed him inside the changing rooms seeing no one was in there except the man who hadn’t noticed her yet she crept up behind him and grabbed a syringe and aimed to stab him in the neck with it but he spun around kicking her in the stomach knocking her to the floor.

“Ow…”Meiko groaned as she looked up at the man angrily as he broke in to a run to get away from her.

“Oh no you don’t.” She snarled grabbing a syringe running after him as he turned the corner, she followed close after him leaping on his back she stuck the syringe in to his arm injecting him, he spun around throwing her to the floor.

“Who the hell are you!?” He yelled angrily but walked dizzily towards her and fell over. Meiko stood up dusting herself off and picked him up.

“I’m Meiko, nice to meet you.” Meiko said smirking as she moved him over her shoulder and left through the fire exit in the building. Meiko walked towards the same building as before and dropped the man on to another table next to the man she had knocked out before. Once again she strapped him down and ripped his shirt off revealing his very skinny body which hardly had any muscles, She picked up the scalpel once more (Yes she used the same one as before) and ran it down in the same places as she did before with the first man, she cut open the area where the intestines were and stitched it back up again she also opened up his kidney area, liver and spleen area. But she stopped at his heart she sliced open his chest and then looked at his heart smirking, opening that up too then pulled out a key. She put it inside and gently stitched it back up again then stitched up the wound and she pulled out the defibrillator and placed the panels on his chest giving him a large jolt of electricity and his heart started again she chuckled putting the defibrillator away. Now all she needed was the person who will be sitting in her lesson and then the lesson could begin.

Meiko glanced at the men as she laughed at them struggling to get free.

“Relax you two. Only one of you may die.” Meiko said running her hands down the cursing mans chest then smiled

“Youre very charming when youre drunk. I can bet a twenty on that.” She said before looking at the woman waking up.

“Ah ha! You

re awake sleepy head and the lesson can begin!”

The End

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