Chapter 3: The Hanging Man.Mature

Meiko raised an eyebrow when Christopher woke up at first, Meiko always thought people would ask where they were and why they were here, Christopher didn’t do that. He yelled abuse and curse at Meiko.

“You Fucking Bitch!” He yelled at her trying to reach her but she was sitting on the far end of the table, the next thing wasn’t a surprise.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll fucking kill you!” He yelled once more.

Meiko folded her arms then pulled out a small device and pressed a button, the light on his chains lit up and sent an electric shock through his body he yelled in pain and flopped to the floor gasping.

“Now that I have your attention Mr Baxter, I can begin. Mr Baxter I have brought you here today discovering you were a drugs addict. All your life you’ve lived a fine healthy body but then it went downhill when you first put that needle through your skin. Tell me how much do you value your life? Doyouvalue it enough to trust me?” Meiko asked then laughed at him waving the device in his face.

“This little thing is to make sure you play fair. And make up your mind.” Meiko said before shrugging.

“Now here’s the lesson. Here in front of you are three injections. Now not all of them are the same as they look, two contain a quick acting poison while the other is the antidote for the slow acting poison inside of you.” Meiko cooed before running a finger down her cheek.

“So the chances of you getting the right one is one third but the chances of you believing me is one hundredth. So I’m going to say that… This one is the antidote.” Meiko said placing her finger on the one on his left and her right.

“But of course… I could be lying and giving you the wrong one to kill yourself. Or I could be giving you the right one and you’d be fine. But really would you trust a woman like me, a murderer?” Meiko asked Christopher looked at her sharply.

Christopher looked down at the injections.

“So I pick one and that’s it. I’ll die or live?” He asked then Meiko nodded.

“Like that yeah. But if you don’t make up your mind in 5 minutes the poison will kill you.” Meiko said then got off the table and sat down in a chair placing her feet on the table looking at him through her boots.

“So I’d be quick.” Meiko said then laughed at him once more. Christopher gave her a dark look then looked at all of the injections which were laid out in a neat line, each end of the needle was rusted and most likely blood encrusted.

“I don’t believe you.” He hissed to her and she only shrugged. Christopher reached forwards to pick up the one on the left but stopped, the words were hitting him, his brain was working overtime now. He started to have a splitting headache, obviously the poison was now kicking in and fear took over.

“But what if you don’t want me to believe you?” He said thinking out loud he moved his hand towards the one on the right it looked exactly the same as the one on the right, he was hoping for some sort of indicator that it was the antidote, a label on it saying ’antidote’ would have been nice.

“But if you’re lying you’d want me to think that.” He said moving to the one on the left once more and hovered over it with his fingers. They brushed over the cold glass, these were old fashioned needles that obviously hadn‘t been cleaned since the dawn of the medicine, the points on the needles were large. He had seen surgical needles before and they had small points, this one had a point five times the size of a regular needle.

“So… Which one?” He muttered then slammed his hand on the table angrily, the needles jumped slightly, one rolled and Meiko put her foot on it to stop it from rolling away. The clear liquid sloshed around inside of it.

“You stupid-”He was cut off when Meiko pushed the button once more and he yelled in pain as the voltage was increased he fell to his knees cringing looking up at her as he spat. Meiko chuckled, leaning her elbows on the table. She rested her head in her hands then when Christopher sat up, he growled grabbing a random needle. The one in the middle. He held his vein out on his wrist and slowly inserted the needle, blood appeared around where he inserted it. He grimaced in disgust of the needle and blood before pumping all the liquid inside of him then slowly removed the needle and laughed.

“Ha!” He yelled pointing at Meiko.

“You were lying! See! I’m alive!” He yelled triumphantly then stopped blood filling up in his mouth he spat it to the floor.

“I just bit my tongue!” He said quickly but then he fell to his knees pale as her vomited blood all over the floor, Meiko popped her feet back up on the table once more

“Should have took the antidote.” Meiko said then reached forwards picking up the needle she had pointed too then inserted it in to her wrist and pushed it down injecting herself pulling it out she stood up doing a full spin.

“No blood!” She said happily

“See. I took my injection. I was telling the truth.” Meiko said then walked over to him, nudging his face slightly with her foot. She half expected him to come back and bite her foot for revenge but he didn’t.

“Aww… He’s dead.” Meiko said sadly then rolled him on to his back before pressing the button and his body jolted due to the volts but he was more or less dead. Meiko shrugged quietly.

“How to get rid of your body...” She muttered then smiled evilly untying the chains. She dragged him towards another room hoisting him on a table, she pulled out her trusty butcher knife once more. She slammed it down on his wrist cutting one hand off blood squirting to the side as she smashed the knife down on his neck. She was not even phased by the blood that squirted out on to the floor. She looked at the artery as it still seemed to drip with blood she shrugged giggling then grasped the sledge hammer and slammed it down on the chest, blood squirting out of the body like jelly from a doughnut which had been ran over by a car or stamped on many times.

The blood covered the floor when there was a sickening snap from the ribs as the heart and lungs was forced through the wind pipe of Christopher’s body. Meiko picked up the heart with the veins and arteries attached, she pulled out a scalpel and slowly cut through the veins and arteries. Meiko then smirked while walking over to a tenderizer and put the heart down, she picked up the tenderizer and slammed it down on the heart crushing it then slammed it down again and again. Blood covered the white tiled walls which were already covered in blood she sighed grasping the knife cutting the heart in half and several blood clots were found in the heart. Meiko picked them out and put them in the bin then began to tenderize the heart once more, she laughed quietly when she had finished. Meiko placed the two halves of the heart in foil and packed them in a bag, she placed it on the floor and pulled out a thin plastic tube. She cut open his wrist and slid the tube into it, she placed her lips on the other end of the tube and sucked slightly then quickly put the end of the tube into an IV bag where it started to collect the blood.

It only took about an hour for his blood to all be stored in IV bags, all the blood in his body was gone, leaving nothing but a wrinkled sack of skin and bones and organs. Meiko looked at the bags off blood the tube had led to, she laughed while placing a cap on the last bag and put it in her plastic bag with the tenderized heart. Meiko picked up the hand she had cut of. Moving towards the table, she placed it down and cut off the fingers with wire cutters straight away then wrapped them up in foil and shoved them in the bag with the blood and heart.

“Just a few more things.” Meiko said then walked over to his decapitated head and picked it up by the hair, she placed it down on the table and pulled out a scalpel then started to cut away the skin, she slowly peeled the skin back and ignored the blood. Meiko pulled out a power drill which soon followed by plugging it in to the wall and drilling holes in the skull. As blood poured out, a sweat drop appeared on her forehead. She pulled out a screwdriver and like how people would do it to get a pot of paint open, she levered the skull open and looked at the brain. She turned the head over pouring out the brain on to the table she grabbed the butcher knife and cut it straight in half, wrapping the right half of the brain in foil and stuffed it in the bag. Meiko grabbed a teaspoon from a drawer and opened the head’s eyes she put the spoon in and yes, she gouged his eyes out with a spoon putting them in foil then cut out his tongue and put it in with the eyes, wrapping them up in foil she stuffed them in the bag.

“One last thing.” Meiko spoke to herself.

Meiko picked up the lungs cutting the windpipe to them with the scalpel, she placed them on the table and sliced them open then the bronchi made little popping noises like bubble wrap being rolled on top of with a rolling pin. Meiko drew the butcher knife and slammed it down on one half of the lung cutting it in half she gathered up the half and wrapped it up in foil.

“The last thing.” Meiko muttered then she put it in the plastic bag she moved the bag out of the way in to the door way. Meiko walked over to the furnace in the corner of the room and lit it up before throwing the left over body parts inside of it as well as his clothes, she closed the furnace and walked towards her bag picking it up then waltzed outside spinning slightly locking the door behind her as she took a breath of fresh air.

“Lovely meal. I hopeshelikes it.” Meiko said walking down the street in a cheerful walk then stopped outside her apartment and walked inside over the creaky broken floorboard where the woman still lay getting less and less everyday as the rats nibbled away at her and the maggots fed off her rotting flesh, birds swooping down once in a while to take a maggot or two then flew up again eating them. As a Spider had a healthy meal full of flies that bussed around the dead woman’s body. Meiko walked inside of her apartment she opened the fridge and stuffed the organs inside her fridge was more or less empty except from the milk which looked one year out of date as green mould had grown on top of the layer of milk as for her cupboards they were filled with protein powers and high in protein foods. Meiko slammed the fridge shut and once more flopped down on the sofa looking at the newspaper.

“Who now?” She muttered then looked at the picture of a woman.

“I remember you. Oh… Another boyfriend? Oh I know who to get now.” Meiko said as she slowly closed the newspaper and slouched in the sofa then giggled slightly.

“I’ll get her later on today. Besides. She has yoga at three…”Meiko said as she planned lesson.

The End

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