Chapter 2: The Upright MoonMature

Meiko silently walked down the street soundlessly then glanced at a man. His name was Christopher Baxter and he stood alone waiting for the bus to arrive he grumbled to himself about it being late or something like that. Meiko stepped beside him reading a newspaper.

“All these deaths huh? This Meiko character seems dangerous.” Meiko said out loud for Christopher to respond he looked at her, she had her hood pulled up covering her head as it was raining.

“Yeah.” He said giving her a strange look then looked back to the roads in hope of his bus arriving soon. It was one of those moments when you were stuck at a bus stop with some strange character.

“I hear she teaches lessons to those who don’t really care about their life.” Meiko said and Christopher looked at her sharply, he felt strongly about this Meiko character killing people for no real reason.

“She is nothing but a murderer and a kidnapper she should be killed.” He snapped then Meiko fell silent.

“I mean that man who was found dead with no hands or feet why did she do that?!” He yelled angrily then Meiko rolled her eyes slightly with a bored tone, remembering that lesson quite well.

“Maybe he deserved it. Maybe he didn’t follow the rules in her lesson? He would have had to do something wrong to be caught by her. Like… Cheat on his wife?” Meiko asked then looked at Christopher who snorted a laugh then shook his head coldly.

“Still no excuse for him to be killed.” He hissed.

“If I met her I’d give her a piece of my mind and cut her hands off.” He spat looking at Meiko.

“Would you say… You’re afraid of this Meiko character?” Meiko asked and Christopher laughed loudly at her as if she was a stupid woman. He wasn‘t afraid. He was too arrogant.

“Me? Scared of that wench?! HA! As if. She could be you for all I care!” He laughed through tears. Meiko huffed slowly as she reached inside her pocket grabbing something long and sharp she suddenly spun around stabbing the object in to his arm a small drop of blood dripped out of the small pin pick it left Christopher yelled and looked at Meiko.

“Y-you!” He yelled swinging his fist at her but stopped, his arms going limp and lifeless then he collapsed to the floor unconscious “Idiot.” She muttered grabbing his lifeless body dragging it along the floor by his ankle the street was empty so she dawdled a little. She had a flashback about the ‘lesson’ Christopher was talking about.

“You bitch!” Yelled the man trying to pull his wrists and ankles from the straps of the seat he was sitting on.

“I kill you! You fucking bitch!” He yelled looking at Meiko who was sat on a table setting up a strange device that looked like a reversed bottle cap opener with a leaver type design. When she had set it up by tightening the leaver and tested it. The sharp end pinged up and she laughed bringing the table over to the man then sat down on it.

“Afternoon Rick Colsta. I’m here to teach you a lesson. All your life you’ve been married to a happy woman Mrs Angie Colsta. But recently I’ve found out you’ve been cheating on her for those years with Misa Morison, hiding letters from her. That was unfair. And now I’m here to give you a lesson.” Meiko said undoing one strap and moved his wrist. Despite how hard he struggled, it failed badly. He yelled when she strapped his hand down again but this time next to the device she spent a few hours to set up.

“On your wrists there are special devices made for sound recognition therefore if you scream too loud. It’ll set one of them off and it will… Cut off your hand.” Meiko explained then grabbed the man’s thumb putting it in the small metal vice with just the top part of his thumb sticking out she attached the device under the nail on his thumb then looked at him smirking and slammed her fist down on the other end of the leaver sending the blade under his fingernail up snapping off his whole fingernail on his thumb with a sickening snap and blood poured from his thumb the man yelled at her

“What the hell are you doing!?”

Meiko shushed him, moving his thumb out of the vice and grabbed his index finger then once again trapped it in the vice. She left only the top end sticking out then placed the device under his nail and laughed once.

“I told you to keep quiet or you’ll lose your hands.” Meiko said then punched down on the leaver and the nail popped up again squirting a little blood on her. The man looked at her trying not to yell in pain as she started on his middle finger but this one hurt more than ever as she even took up a piece of flesh as well, the man screamed in pain then a little beep was heard. A small slight flashed on the device around his wrist then there was silence nothing happened for the moment.

“HA! Your device is broken!” He yelled laughing at her then a knife tied to a pole swung down from the low ceiling and sliced the top of his wrist then it swung back and sliced again but stopped due to the bone. Meiko leaned forwards looking at his wrist.

“Hmm…”Meiko said pulling back as a large guillotine style blade was dropped from the ceiling and cut his hand clean off. Before the blade was pulled back up again and so was the pole.

“It works!” Meiko laughed. The man looked at his severed hand trapped in the strap of the device, it looked like something out of a horror movie, blood was everywhere all over the device, table and chair and even on Meiko but she didn’t mind. A little blood didn’t hurt anyone.

He looked at his arm where his hand once was, there it was no different blood was all over the chair and he was still bleeding badly. Meiko removed the strap around his severed hand and picked it up.

“So muscular too.” She commented then laughed walking over to a very threatening machine that she liked to call the mincing machine. She grabbed a butcher knife and cut up the hand in to find chunks of flesh then stuffed it in the mincing machine and pushed down on the lid and rotated the handle of the twisting device as it ground up the flesh it made a disgusting slurping noise when it was spun and out the other end came Human hand mince meat it landed in an old rusty blood encrusted bucket. She continued this until the hand was all gone. Meiko walked back to the man then started on his other hand setting up the device once more, strapping him down, setting up his thumb and smashed down on the device snapping up his fingernails he yelled in pain. She continued until he got to his pinkie finger when she brought that nail up with a snap he howled in pain, a little beep was heard then a small slight flashed on the device around his wrist then there was silence nothing happened for the moment.

Once again the knife on the pole swung down cutting him twice then the guillotine dropped once more and cut off his hand. She grabbed it again and stuffed it in to the mincing machine and minced his hand up once more blood dripping out of the end of it in to the bucket. Meiko started on his toes once more she snapped them all up, he cried out at the fourth toe and once more the knife came down and cut it twice and the guillotine dropped on his ankle cutting it off she walked over to the mincing machine and minced it once more, cracks and snaps could be heard as the man’s foot was minced up and added to the bucket of minced meat.

“Out of time.” Meiko said before keeping a hold of the butcher knife. She approached him and looked at his eyes quietly.

“Sorry.” She said then with no emotion she slammed the butcher knife in to his ankle hacking it off the man yelled begging for her to stop but eventually he was deathly pale and seemed phased out, Meiko waved his foot in front of his face.

“He’s dead.” Meiko said quietly then shrugged as she minced his foot once more aver cutting it up various snaps and crunches could be heard from the mince machine as it minced away happily at the man’s foot. Meiko walked towards the door then smiled.

“Sorry you have failed this lesson.” Meiko said then left the building soundlessly.

Meiko snapped out of the flashback as she looked at Christopher dragging him inside the abandoned building then threw him to the laminated flooring. She laughed as she removed his shirt by tearing it off him then grabbed some chains and chained his feet to the wall she picked up a table placing it in front of him and then pulled out three needles then walked up to a medicine cabinet opening it and pulled out four bottles. Two containing Hydrogen Cyanide one containing some faded label unable to tell what it was but it was a poison and then another bottle which contained the antidote for that poison. She filled up the injections slowly and walked over to the man injecting one of them in to him. The slow acting poison. She laid the injections out on the table in front of the man then sat down on the table waiting for him to wake up. Let the lesson begin.

The End

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