Chapter 1: The Reversed SunMature

“Finally.” Muttered Meiko when she flopped on to the sofa and a mini dust explosion blew up when she made contact with the sofa. Meiko coughed slightly then reached to her side, picking up an envelope, opening it and one name popped up Detective Jack. Meiko sighed while reading the information on the man and she rolled her eyes.

“Nothing more than a wimp.” Meiko muttered before standing up dusting her self off. She remembered what had happened before with the two women.

“Better get rid of the evidence.” Meiko said with a cold tone in her voice as she opened the door to her abandoned apartment. The floor boards creaked dangerously as she walked over them she looked below at all the broken glass bottles underneath the high up floor boards she remembered a lesson she taught here too.

“Please stop it!” Yelled a woman as she looked at the broken glass keeping away from it, Meiko laughed at her darkly leaning against the wall.

“You pick. Walk across it and feel pain for only a few minutes until you find the antidote or die of the slow acting poison inside your blood?” Meiko asked. The woman looked at Meiko seeing she was serious, stepping forwards she stood on the first piece of glass yelling in pain when it pierced her bare foot and blood came out of it she whimpered then looked at Meiko.

“Keep going unless you want to die? To live you must experience pain and face death.” Meiko cooed then laughed again when the woman stepped on another piece of glass.

“Come on nearly there. Just another four hundred and fifty pieces to go.” Meiko said laughing as the woman looked at her weakly while whimpering and limping.

“But you only have a minute before that poison seeps through your veins and kills you by rotting your brain. It’s quite fun to watch.” Meiko said calmly then saw the woman yell in pain once more when another shard of glass went through her foot.

“See! You’re learning! Now you don’t need to cut yourself to be noticed.” Meiko chuckled darkly then watched as the woman moved around yelling in pain when the glass shards stabbed in to her foot making her bleed more and more. Then folded her arms chuckling once more when the woman looked at her pleading for help as she started to cough up blood, she spat it to the floor and foam came from her mouth her pupils turned large. The woman made a run across the room, she was like a zombie running to get it’s victim, her arms were waving as she ran. That stopped. She stopped. Silence.

Soon the silence was broken by a cough which was soon followed by a dripping noise which came from her mouth. She coughed which soon followed by her choking as her throat started to fill up with vomit and foam, her head flew forwards and vomit mixed with foam splattered to the floor all over the glass. Blood was mixed in with the foam and vomit mix, she stared down at it then fell to her knees. The white foam in her mouth falling to the floor as more formed around her mouth.

“You lose.” Meiko said laughing when the woman fell forwards on to a large sharp piece of sticking up glass, it stabbed her through the eye but she rolled onto her back. Meiko walked towards the woman and placed her foot on the piece of glass and put pressure on it and the woman yelled out a silent yell which was muffled by blood and vomit in her mouth, she squirmed then fell limp. A blood pool formed on the floor around the woman all over the glass, Meiko brushed her cheek of a drop of blood on her cheek from it squirting at her when she stood on the piece of glass.

“You were almost there… That’s where the antidote was.” Meiko said then walked over to the woman kicking her slightly to check if she was alive then reached down pulling out the shard of glass in the woman’s eye it made a sickening squishy noise when it was removed and blood dropped to the floor…

Meiko glanced down through one of the broken floor boards at the corpse being nibbled away by black rats now maggots had started to eat the flesh around the eyes of the woman and beetles had laid eggs in the woman’s bloody hands. From the woman’s mouth emerged a millipede that had obviously travelled down her throat earlier on today, her body had a muscle spasm her chest shot up as an effect of the poison taking it’s final effect from the previous day it was injected in to the woman. She looked as if she was dragged out of a zombie movie, her mouth wide open as rats tore at her flesh, ripping it away as they gnawed away at her skin and bones. Her radius in her arm was revealed as a white stick supposed to be a bone of the body now being eaten away by rats.

Flies flew in and out of her mouth where they would no doubt lay eggs in her dead flesh and they would be juicy fat maggots when that would happen crows and other birds would start to peck away at the flesh. Not as if they already were though, a crow perched on top of an unclosed door flew down pecking at the shrivelled eye of the woman then picked it up in its beak and flew away with it down the hall where it pecked away at the eye trying to eat it. From the woman’s mouth came a moth as it flew away and got tangled in a spiders web on the wall, the moth struggled trying to free itself but the black spider skittered forwards on the web and tangled it up in web then wrapped it up like fish shops do with fish and chips. Then the spider bit in to the moth, injecting a venom that melted its insides. It waited for it to take effect then would have that meal later on but for now, the spider left back in to its hiding spot for the next victim.

Meiko let out a blunt laugh then left the apartment, locking the door behind her then spun the keys in her hand, moving towards the crime scene she had caused she unlocked the door and walked inside the old abandoned building then looked around. Walking towards the back room, she looked down at the woman with no legs. She sighed.

“You didn’t get out.” Meiko muttered then picked up the body by it’s arms then dragged it in to the room. She walked over to a cage and grasped the cover over it then pulled it off revealing three pigs that had been starved for days and they were squealing angrily.

“Now now.” Meiko said then grabbed a hacksaw walking over to a table.

“I’ll give you what you want.” She said then started to cut up the bodies slowly. She started with Kate’s body, she picked up the hacked off arm and laid it down on the table sawing at her fingers first. It was tough at first but once she got through the bone it was easier to cut through the flesh she put it in the troth for the pigs and they squealed fighting over who was getting what. Meiko laughed as she sawed away, working her way up the arm then dropped it all in to the troth for them to eat.

“You’ll get plenty to eat.” Meiko said then grabbed a leg and started with the toes and sawed them off she put them in the troth like mini cocktail party sausages. She cut her way up once more and put the leg in the troth and the pigs continued to crunch away at the body snorting and squealing as they ate the human bones and flesh. Meiko continued this for all the limbs. She eventually was left with Kate’s head and torso. Meiko thought for a moment and started to saw Kate’s head open pouring the brain which was still attached to the eyes in to the troth and then smashed it up with a sledge hammer. She then proceeded to feed that to the pigs along with anything else she could collect off the floor from the remains.

Meiko looked at the torso and picked up a round blade saw and turned it on cutting through the rib cage after removing the clothing once on Kate then after half an hour of hacking away at the body’s organs it was all fed to the pigs. The intestines were riddled and a tangled mess at the bottom of the troth.

“Your getting more.” Meiko said as she started to hack Maria apart now with the saw and the round blade electric saw she turned it on sawing Maria apart as well as her limbs, she muttered some thing about almost being there. She turned to the pigs and put the body parts in the troth once more and the pigs ate away happily away at the women.

“Waste of life.” Meiko muttered then put the saws down and covered up the pig’s cage with the cloth, she walked over to the cupboard and grabbed the plastic bottle full of petrol and gasoline. She threw it all over the room, squirting everything she could in sight, the saws and even the stuff she didn’t use. It all had to be covered. Even the pigs and the cloth over the pigs cage had to be covered in the mix. She threw the petrol and gasoline over the pigs and soon the room’s odour was petrol and gasoline, Meiko covered her mouth with a piece of clean cloth to prevent her from inhaling too much. She then moved over to the cupboard once more and pulled out a box of matches. She pulled out one match and struck it to light, it failed to light and she tried again. Nothing. Meiko gave up and she pulled out another one. She put the one she tried to light back in to the box then stuck the new match and finally, it lit up with a bright orange flame which danced in the breeze.

Meiko chuckled and threw the lit match inside the box and as she moved to leave, she looked back at the room then threw the box of lit matches inside of it lighting the room on fire and as soon as Meiko left the full building was in flames, the fire alarms still working as they beeped and rang out for help but eventually they were melted by the flames. The books, the weapons, the pigs along with the evidence were burned in the flame. Meiko chuckled as she watched the building burn she laughed seeing as she was on an abandoned street no one would mind. Except from the dead of course, they would complain if she was laughing like a mad woman. Meiko stepped towards her apartment again she opened the door skipping down the hall jumping over the small gap in the floor she noticed the plank of wood fall and land on the dead woman lying on the glass making the rats scatter away.

“Oh well. Just another target.” She said picking up a newspaper and read the first page in bold letters ’MAN FOUND TAKING DRUGS’ it was some tabloid newspaper.

“Now you.” She said pointing at a photo talking to it. It was a photo in black and white of a man with black silk hair getting an award.

“Stupid man. I never knew he took drugs.. Oh well.” She said laughing walking in to her room once more and gathered her stuff together for her next attack.

“Let’s teach him a lesson”

The End

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