Blood, Loss, MurderMature

Meiko Schwartz is a serial killer, her life so far hasn't been smooth as much as she wished. With enemies like Rei and Sae around every corner, who knows what on earth is going to happen.

"Heh heh heh..." A quiet laugh came from the darkness as a woman, tall, blond long hair, thin and quite attractive was lying down on a table, strapped down and gagged by a piece of cloth tied around her mouth. She gasped and panicked, trying to struggle free of the straps. Her blue eyes darted around the room, she saw a woman wearing a black jacket with brown hair walk in the room, holding an unconscious woman as well. The woman who was tied down reacted as she muffled and yelled curses to the woman with the leather jacket.

"Oh keep quiet." Muttered the woman before she strapped the other woman to another table then chuckled as she left that woman un-gagged.

"I just want to teach her a lesson. And you're involved." Muttered the woman then walked over to a table where there was a layout of knives and needles and even long sharp hooks and chains all of which were clean and blood free. The other woman woke up she winced in pain as she tried to move.

"W-what the?" The woman yelped she was tall but not as thin as the other woman who seemed to be in the same situation as her. She had long curly black hair and green eyes she looked around the room briefly then noticed the woman also tied to the table across the room.

"Kate! Are you alright!?" The woman shouted then noticed the other woman standing in the room.

"Please keep quiet." The standing woman muttered then walked over to the black haired woman.

"Maria Kalcosa. All your life you have been putting yourself down about how you are not smart. When clearly your grades say otherwise. People are sick of you putting them down by putting yourself down and now you must learn your lesson. This is my class. There, on the table, is your university science teacher Kate Banes. The Lesson is that there’s five questions I will ask you. Get one right and I’ll cut of one of her arms or legs... Get one wrong... I'll cut off one of yours. And obviously if you get all five right. I'll cut off her head too as an extra. How far are you willing to go to save your own life?" The brown haired woman said, chuckling as she walked over to the table and picked up a butcher knife. Ready for the fate.

"The first question is easy. What is twelve times twelve?" The woman asked chuckling slightly.

"I also forgot. If you don't answer the question in a minute I’ll cut something off both of you." The woman said. Maria looked at her teacher she loved her teacher very much but what did she value more? Her friendship of her teacher or her life?

"Umm... One hundred and forty-four." Maria asked then the woman nodded once.

"Correct. One point to you." The woman said walking over to Kate then held the knife tightly. Kate looked up at her teacher, her eyes pleading for mercy but the woman ignored it slamming the back end butcher knife down on her right arm snapping the radius bone in the teacher’s and Kate reacted with a yell for help. The woman turned the knife around to reveal the blade then stabbed it straight in to her arm cutting it half way but it was stopped because of the bone so she pulled it back again and continued to hack away at the arm until it eventually came off. Blood dripped to the floor off the table from the hacked off arm and where it once was. Maria closed her eyes, wanting the nightmare to go away, she hoped that she was asleep. Kate whimpered in pain as Maria watched, she was pale and saw that the woman was indeed for real.

"Question two. What is the chemical formula for potassium?" Asked the woman leaning against the wire gate then smirked at Maria "U-umm... P?" She asked nervously then the woman slowly shook her head.

"Wrong. It's K" She said walking towards Maria then looked her over slightly before pulling back the same butcher knife and slammed it in to Maria's shin making her scream in pain. Then she spun the knife around again and hacked away at her lower leg until it had been cut off. "It was wrong." She said smirking then turned away once more.

"What is my name?" She asked looking back at Maria who stared at her.

"I knew it... You’re Meiko!" Yelled Maria at the woman who chuckled once more.

"Correct." She said as she moved towards Kate and didn't even stall this time she swung the knife down full force off the top of her shin hacking it away once more not caring about the blood which squirted onto the walls, eventually Kate had no right shin or right arm she plead for Meiko to stop through the gag but Meiko only smiled.

"Don't worry. This is for a lesson..."Meiko said then turned back to Maria who felt sick and was deathly pale.

"Two more questions. One of you can walk free remember? Or did I forget that small detail?" Meiko asked then shrugged boredly.

"Okay question four. I am not alive but I have a soul, I have a tongue but I cannot talk, I can walk but not on my own. What am I?" Meiko asked calmly and Maria raised an eyebrow. She had heard this riddle before, it wasn’t that hard to solve, Kate had asked her it a while ago as a starter question.

"A shoe." Maria said then Meiko nodded walking over to Kate once more and slammed the knife down just below her knee cap on her left leg and started to hack it off.

"You won't be walking for a while..."Meiko chuckled then looked back at Maria who was stunned and shaking.

"Final Question. Have you learned your lesson?" Meiko asked and Maria nodded straight away. She wanted to be free. She wanted her freedom.

"Yes! Yes I have! Please let me go!" Maria cried and Meiko shook her head, she knew that this was the wrong answer.

"Incorrect." Meiko said as she walked over to Maria again then slammed the knife for the final time in to her shin and hacked her other leg off for the last time.

"You win..." Meiko said undoing the straps on Maria's arm making her fall to the floor.

"I'm not helping you out though." Meiko said as she looked at Kate who was whimpering.

"I'm sorry..." Meiko said then slammed the knife down through her throat cutting her head off then walked away out of the room quietly leaving Maria in the room by herself to crawl away while bleeding.

The End

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