Blood Kiss

The life of sixteen year old Elena Nolan keeps getting stranger and stranger in the quiet, eerie, mysterious town of Salem, Oregon. ..

After the accident that gave her best friend the ability to sense the emotions of others, this outcasted teen finds her life becoming more and more complicated--especially when the handsome and charming Lucas Hathaway moves to town, along with the wild and rebellious Emmett Baines.

But there's something dark and mysterious about these two dashing guys...and



I watched in a mix of horror and fascination as the two of them fought—creature against creature—both of them out for blood…and my soul; my stupid, stupid human soul that’s been reincarnated decade after decade for the last two hundred and nine years.

            Don’t just stand there, a voice in the back of my head was screaming helplessly, but my body was frozen, unable to move as I watched the two battle for everything that matters most to them, and I wanted to do something, but what would me—a small, pathetic human—stand a chance against two ravenous vampires? Do something! They can’t die, it shouted desperately.

            Hesitantly, I took a small, timid step forward, but a low, familiar growl broke through the air, freezing me in my tracks. I looked up and, for a split second, I saw him give me a pointed look—a look that clearly told me to stay where I was unless I wanted to die and have to discover everything all over again and repeat this whole process.

            And in that moment, I realized which of them I really, truly loved—the one I knew my heart belonged to. The one I knew I wanted to spend the rest of eternity wandering the world with.

            And in that same moment, I realized that I had to stop this. I couldn’t just stand by and watch as they killed each other. They may hate each other on the outside, but somewhere deep down (very, very deep down), they must still be best friends. They’ve got to be. They were friends for so long before Sophia came along and ruined their friendship.

            But before I could even bring up the courage to run between them, there was a loud crunching sound, and when I looked up, I nearly screamed when I saw what Emmett had just done, because just seeing Lucas with the wood going through is chest—undoubtedly piercing his heart—was enough to scare anyone.

            “NO!” I screamed, lurching forward and throwing myself at them, dropping down by Lucas and pulling the wooden stake from his chest. “Please! Oh, God. Lucas? LUCAS!” I screamed helplessly, looking at him. His blue eyes looked up at me for a moment, staring at me, and I saw the tiniest flicker of something in his eyes—like a peaceful happiness. “Stay with me! Do you hear me?” I said as tears welled up in my eyes. “You’re not going to die! I WON’T LET YOU!”

            Laughing echoed around me—haunting, exhilarated laughter. But when I turned, Emmett was nowhere to be seen, and his laughter was already fading into the distance. Almost as if he wasn’t ever even there.

            I turned back to Lucas and pressed my hands helplessly against the gash in his chest. “You stay! Do you understand, Lucas? I won’t let you die! It’s supposed to be me, not you. You’re not going to die. I won’t let you.” I said, trying to keep my voice steady as I tried to stop the flow of blood. Who would’ve thought that vampires could bleed so damn much?

            He needs blood, I thought, remembering what he told me that first night when we sat on my roof and talked the night away. But where was I going to get blood, and on such short notice, too? There was no way I could catch a rabbit—or even a bird. A squirrel could outsmart me!

            And in that moment, I was aware of the pocketknife in my pocket. It suddenly felt like a boulder weighing my butt down to the ground. Slowly, almost reluctantly, I pulled the knife from my pocket and switched it open. I watched as the silver of the blade glittered in the moonlight, and Lucas, although close to unconsciousness, seemed to be fully aware of my plans.

            “Ellie…” he choked out, and it surprised me how much he was fighting to stay alive—and all for me. After all the times he told me that being immortal wasn’t worth it if he had to keep searching for me endlessly.

            But I didn’t stop, not even as he tried to protest. I dragged the blade lightly across my wrist, watching as it sliced apart the skin with ease and the crimson liquid shined in the moonlight. I acted quickly, for there was no telling how much time we had left. Placing my bleeding wrist over his mouth, I let him drink my blood, trusting him enough not to kill me…

The End

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