Blood inside us.

Erm first story lets hope its good??

"Please pleeease can I have a drink now." pleaded Lu with her brother.

"Lucy I said 5 times we have no water, christ I'll stop at the petrol station!"

So they stopped. Daniel slammed the door, obviously annoyed, it wasn't fair after all! He was out here driving his 10 year old sister Lucy to where? Oh yes her nans at like 10pm. Why?? Lu said it would be "fun". Oh yes jolly indeed you squeaky bugger, jolly for YOU!

"Dont just leave me in the car!"

"You'll be fine baby." Daniel sneered unkindly.

Lucy shook in the car. She was a baby. She was a stupid baby.  Lucy stared afraid out of the window. She though she heard a rustling but obviously she didnt  because she was obviously being stupid! Lucy brought up the courage to slap herself. Then she saw a boy moving through some corn. She clutched her knees.

The boy was baby faced, like a chior kid but with a grey expression and a more or less dead face. Lucy shuddered as he passed the car, scratching the paint with a rock as he passed. Then Daniel came back and lucy jumped.

"Here," he shoved the water at her, then whispered, "dumb cow."

Daniel, who was almost asleep at the wheel, cracked open his first evening beer. The whole car suddenly  stank of that single beer. Then, *bump*.

Lucy and Dan, fearing the worst, rushed outside the car.  And there, a young boy lay on the floor. His unmoving chest made it clear, and the blood spurting from his mangled legs, his head completely turned backwards so that his neck was broken, his arms hanging limply as blood dribbled from them . They looked at his face and lucy gasped and retched. Skull was poking through.

Lucy passed out.

The End

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