Marked 'Mature' for strong language, explicit violence and sexual references. Further stories in the series may contain sexual scenes.

If you've gotten this far without realising it, let it be known that this is a Hunger Games fanfic series. It involves an original character imagined in the place of one the known but unnamed victors in the original works by Suzanne Collins. 

It technically alters the timeline in small ways, but the high majority of  Katniss' trilogy remains unchanged. I plan to take this story all the way through the Second Rebellion, but if anything isn't covered, you can just imagine the little differences in conversations and details that might occur.

And yes it contains a romance. This a Haymitch slash (though not so much in the first book). If that's your thing; Welcome! If not; Thanks for dropping by!

My pet victor is from District 8, so plenty of the story is set there. The books, the film, and the Hunger Games Adventures map give conflicting clues/information on exactly where 8 is located. I've decided to go by the HGA map and assume it's in the south of Panem. However, I have thrown in a reference to the fact that it was previously thought to be near the Great Lakes and to the way it was depicted in the films (it was snowing there during Katniss and Peeta's victory tour). I'll 'explain' this reference by assuming the post-apocalyptic weather can be a little screwy sometimes. Sounds legit, right? Right?

I'm writing it in first person present tense, mainly because the original trilogy is written that way, but partly because I need to practise this type of POV (I've almost exclusively written in third person until recently).

Anyway, enough blather. Enjoy! 

The End

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