Chapter Seven part twoMature

“I'm fine,” she insisted. Glenn didn't push the matter and glanced around. The first vampires head had truly been smashed to bits against the brick wall. The second had limbs bent at extremely unnatural angles. The one who'd attacked Zoe looked so bloody and battered there was no way he could've lived. The fourth lay in a crumpled heap. He wondered where Christiana was now, but he couldn't sense her anywhere. And he'd rather not start speaking to the thin air and look crazy.
“How long does it take for vamps to wake up?” Zoe asked, her voice unsteady.
“No clue...we should get moving,” Glenn suggested. Zoe didn't argue and they both returned to the main street. They were met halfway by Calvin and Elrik. Calvin didn't say a word and pushed past to see the vampire bodies.

“What happened?” Elrik asked, looking genuinely stunned. Glenn opened his mouth to make something up but Calvin spoke first.
“Why did you trick us Zoe?” Glenn saw the muscles around Zoe neck tighten as she gulped. He could feel her shame, it was so strong it stung and made his headache worse.
“Someone has our mother. He threatened to hurt her if I didn't follow his instructions,” Zoe half mumbled, her eyes growing wet as she spoke. A mix of worry and satisfaction shot through Glenn. He knew it was wrong, but their mother had never done anything to help them, not really. She wasn't even worth calling a mother. A growl left Calvin's lips and he punched the wall nearest, taking a good chunk of brick out as he did. Glenn felt Zoe start next to him at the viciousness of the action. Glenn glanced at Zoe, ready to speak.
“Why didn't you tell us? Tell me? Don't you trust me?” Calvin asked. Zoe chewed her lower lip, so many conflicting emotions going on Glenn couldn't keep track. At least he now knew why she'd been so worried lately.

“We should head back. Let the others know what's going on,” Elrik said. His hands were deep in his hoodie pockets and his eyes even deeper in thought. Everyone nodded, though Calvin did so a lot more reluctantly. Caric was going to have a field day shouting at them Glenn thought darkly. They turned to leave when someone groaned and coughed wetly. He saw Calvin physically bristle and knew he was about to turn. Glenn realised it was the vampire who'd attack Zoe.
“Stop, he's really weak. We can question him,” Elrik said, resting a hand on Calvin's shoulder. Glenn would've never had the guts to go that close to Calvin when he was that angry and close to turning.
“Is he weak enough?” Glenn asked. Elrik bent down to study the vampire, who had collapsed unconscious again in a pile of coughed blood.
“Extremely weak. Just what saved you?” Elrik asked. Zoe sent Glenn a look before shrugging.

“I don't know, they moved too fast,” Zoe said. Elrik frowned but accepted it, for now at least Glenn thought.
“Right, Calvin help me with this,” Elrik said.
“We should just leave it to die,” Calvin muttered.
“Help. Now,” Elrik ordered. A glare passed between them but Calvin conceded and took the other arm. Maybe Calvin still held some resentment against Elrik for killing so many of his ex pack mates Glenn wondered.
He glanced across the main street as they headed out of the city and saw the girl from earlier watching them. Amongst others who noticed the bloody guy. But no one moved to stop them. Maybe they just figured they were up to no good. Zoe's eyes were pinned to Calvin, fascination brimming within them.

Glenn expected to see accusing eyes when they got closer, but somehow it was only Zoe who knew what had happened.

The End

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