Chapter Seven part oneMature

Chapter Seven

The cold air burned down Glenn's lungs, he could feel Zoe's grip on his hand loosening. They didn't have much time until they caught up but Glenn couldn't think up anything. They couldn't draw attention to themselves. They were missing persons in the human world.
“Stop running!” Glenn nearly froze as Christiana's voice echoed into his brain. But when he searched he couldn't find her.
“That's suicidal,” Glenn muttered. He saw Zoe shoot him a confused look.
“You got … a plan?” Zoe asked, pausing for breath. The footsteps behind were growing dangerously close. They had a few minutes until the corner and then they just needed to return to the main street.
“I might be able to take over Zoe. You have about three seconds to let her know about me,” Christiana explained. Glenn felt his head starting to buzz with terrible headache. That was the craziest idea ever.
“And how will you help?” Glenn asked, not bothering to mutter. Zoe's confusion turned to worry.

“What's going on-” Glenn shushed her.
“I've learnt a lot on the other side. Unlike Zoe I can use her abilities,” Christiana said.
“What about me?” Glenn asked, because he doubted he could explain any of this enough that Zoe would let someone take over. He heard Christiana sigh loudly, enough to move his hair slightly. He tried not to find that too creepy and told himself it was the wind.
“I could try, but you're male, that makes things harder. But three seconds is up. No other choice,” she said. Glenn felt the hairs on the back of his neck go up as someone's hand brushed against it. Then he felt a tidal force move through him. He stopped dead in his movements, his breathing haphazard. He could see, hear and feel but it wasn't him controlling his lungs. He felt his arm reach and throw someone away. The vampire connected with the wall with a wet sound.
I'm not that strong, Glenn thought, surprise flitted through him when Christiana replied to him.

Actually, you are. I understand what's going on a heck of a lot better now.
What do you mean? Glenn asked, but she didn't reply. She simply moved forward, using strength that was above and beyond human limits. She quickly disabled the female vamp and when Zoe's scream reached their ears she responded. Glenn couldn't even follow the complicated steps and subtle movements Christiana did. It was too fast, he must've been nothing more than a blur to Zoe. Christiana concentrated his eyes on the fourth vampire. His eyes were wide with fear. He turned and tried to run but Christiana wouldn't let him. She knocked him out with a brutal tap to the back of his head.

Sorted, she muttered. Then Glenn felt everything in a rush and his legs caved under him.
“Glenn?” Zoe's voice was tentative, she was scared of what just happened and horribly confused. Glenn was as well. He coughed and felt every muscle spasm painfully.
“Glenn?” she asked again, this time worry spiking.
“I'm good,” he said, his voice dry and crackly. He turned to look at her but his vision was blurry.
“You don't look it,” she said. Glenn laughed and tried to stand up. Zoe caught him before he fell something wet.
“You got hurt,” he stated. Zoe's free hand covered her neck.

The End

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