Chapter Six part oneMature

Chapter Six

The first thing Zoe did when she woke up was shower and get away from the caravan. Trying not to let her lids close from the lack of sleep. She wanted to avoid Glenn until they were in the new place, so she chose to find someone she could easily waste time with while she worked. Calvin sent her a warm smile that sent delicious tingles down her spine the moment he saw her approaching.
“Not helping Greg today then?” Calvin asked, Zoe shook her head and dropped a kiss on his cheek.
“Nah,” Zoe said, still smelling grass and dew on Calvin even though he would've washed before he got back.

“Good, he stares at your butt too much for my liking,” Calvin joked, wrapping his arms loosely round her waist. Zoe laughed and leaned in to kiss his lips. Fully intending to drag it out, but someone grunting louder than needed behind them make her turn around.
“If you two are done, we actually need help,” Rowan said, half with disgust and half with annoyance.
“Sorry, been 24 hours. Sure you'd understand if you had someone,” Calvin replied. Zoe felt a prickle of annoyance at the unnecessary jab. She also saw Rowan's eyes narrow at the comment before he left in silence.
“Vampire's are so stuffy,” Calvin complained. Zoe would've never thought of Rowan that way, not even Caric.

“Nothing wrong with wanting to keep to yourself,” Zoe said, wondering why she was defending him yet again. Rowan wasn't even her friend really. But she was forever indebted to him for saving Calvin's life. Something Calvin didn't like being reminded off at all. From then on the day moved quickly and soon enough she was sat in the living area of the caravan watching endless road and bare trees pass. Her gut churning at the thought of what might happen when they reach the city. Glenn sent her concerned looks from time to time but didn't try to get her to talk. Something that relieved her, she didn't want to make up more pathetic lies she knew he could see through. The circles under his eyes looked dark enough as it was. Zoe just hoped whoever this guy was, he didn't hurt Glenn or mum in any way.
“We're here,” Caric announced, pulling Zoe from her thoughts. Though hardly making her feel relieved. She left the caravan and watched how quickly everyone was moving. She knew she should help but instead she grabbed Glenn's hand.
“Let's go look at the city!” Zoe yelled with false enthusiasm, ignoring the concerned look in his eyes.

“Mind company?” Zoe didn't get a chance to stutter an unsure reply when Calvin took her hand from Glenn.
“Good idea,” Glenn jumped in before Zoe could speak. A part of her knew it was a good idea, another part didn't know just what this guy wanted. What if he was something strong than Calvin?
“You guy's slacking already?” Elrik asked with a disappointed sigh. Calvin laughed, completely unaware of everything running through Zoe's head.
“You could join us,” Glenn murmured with a shrug. Elrik considered the proposal before dropping the box he was carrying back onto an unpacked pile.

“Let's go,” he said casually. Zoe felt her worry knot further, now she just need Wendy and Leon to join and she was completely and utterly screwed in terms of secrecy. Thankfully as they left no one else popped up. It took less time than Zoe wanted for them to reach the city. The mobile in her hoodie pocket felt like a heavy weight. She waited with growing anxiety for it to vibrate. For the guy to give his next instructions. She prayed her mother was okay, and that the other''s didn't notice that her eyes had an odd, shiny quality to them at the moment.

They quickly left the outskirts and found themselves in the city centre. Zoe feet already sore from the uneven cobbles and the continuous rise and fall of the streets. She knew Scotland was meant to be a hilly place but she kind of figured a big city wouldn't have the same issue. Every other shop was a tour one full of miscellaneous Scottish flagged objects. Then she felt the grip of Calvin's hand tighten a little. She glanced up at him in curiosity and found his eyes wide with shock. The others who had kept walking and talking stopped abruptly to stare back at them. Zoe was glad she wasn't under the microscope anymore, but she wanted to know what was bothering Calvin.
“Hey, what's wron-”
“Hi.” Zoe looked away from Calvin and saw the person who had interrupted her. She had tumbling waves of reddish brown hair and gold eyes, another werewolf. She was a little shorter than Zoe and seemed to share Calvin's shocked expression.

“Hi,” Zoe finally replied when it was clear Calvin was just going to stare. Was it because he'd found someone of his own species again? Zoe hoped so, she didn't want to contemplate what the alternative could be. The girl jumped a little and looked at her, her eyes a little dazed. Then she glanced down and saw Zoe's hand wrapped round Calvin's.

The End

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