Chapter Five part twoMature

“Stop trying to be an imposing father and leave them be,” Mira spoke for them, she appeared from round the corner wearing a nightgown. Glenn chose not to consider what had been going on the caravan before they returned.
“You're right. I'm completely worn out. See you in the morning.” Glenn narrowed his eyes at Zoe's back. For a tired person her sudden words were a bit too chirpy. He mumbled a quick goodnight and followed her up the stairs. Zoe didn't reach her door before he grabbed her shoulder.

“Zoe,” Glenn said, putting force behind the word. She hesitated before turning to face him, her eyes wide and shiny. She met his gaze briefly and then averted her eyes to the floor, chewing her lower lip.
“Don't Glenn. I can't-” Zoe began, her voice trembling before she cut herself off.
“Was it Rowan? If he did anything I'll-” Glenn started, fists and jaw clenched. Zoe looked at him in shock, her mouth a small “o”.
“Of course he didn't do anything,” she interrupted him, furrowing her brows. Glenn's muscles instantly released in surprise and he blinked.
“Oh,” he murmured, feeling foolish.

“My bad.” Glenn tried not to shiver at Christiana's voice ringing in his head. He hated that she could talk to him when others were around unexpectedly, but couldn't form a physical shape. Zoe sighed loudly and tucked hair behind her ear nervously.
“Will you leave it now?” Zoe asked, her voice gaining it's usual defiant edge. Glenn nodded mutely and headed to his room. He threw himself onto the bed and tried to sleep. Then opened his eyes again. If it hadn't been Rowan that scared her, then what was it? He didn't believe she'd get that frightened and panicked for that length of time by shadows. And even now there was a worry attacking his brain.
“Stop worrying. As long as she doesn't go into the city. There's no reason he should know about you two,” Christiana said. Her voice measured as she rung her hands in her lap. She looked up meet his eyes. The way they echoed both his and Zoe's still freaked him out a little.

“You should get decent sleep. Whatever's happening with you. You need energy to deal with it,” Christiana said. She stood up and headed for the door.
“Why are you still giving her dreams?” Glenn asked. She paused in her steps before turning to face him. Her face distorted with pain.
“Why won't you tell her about me?” she countered, her hand clutching her chest. Glenn froze, he'd never seen her look like this. She raised her eyes to look at him and he swore he saw silver glinting for a split second in their depths.
“This would so much easier if you just told people,” she whispered, her voice crocking forcing her to gulp a painful breath. Could ghosts feel physical pain? Glenn wondered.
“How can I? They'll call me crazy,” Glenn replied, trying not to look her directly in the eye. He saw anger spark and her fists clench.

“You're all so clueless,” She practically growled between teeth. Glenn opened his mouth to reply, annoyed by the insult but she beat him to it.
“You want an idea of how serious this is? Ask Caric to tell you about Anya!” Before Glenn could ask her who that was she disappeared right before his eyes. A moment later he felt the familiar emotions from Zoe. The dream was occurring again. Glenn sighed and remained sat up in case Zoe couldn't get to sleep.

The End

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