Chapter Five part oneMature

Chapter Five

Glenn fumbled with the covers and ended up falling out of bed with a painful crash.
“Clever,” Christiana drawled. She was on her knees, studying his sprawled state. Glenn glared and sat up, running for the dresser.
“Why in such a rush?” she asked as Glenn began pulling on cloths. Normally he'd demand Christiana leave the room first, but he really didn't care about privacy at the moment. He raised an eyebrow at Christiana as he pulled on a shirt.
“I'd figure you'd know about that,” Glenn murmured as he dressed. Christiana watched him impatiently. She was still on her knees but had her arms crossed now with a set jaw. Glenn sighed and headed for his door, he needed to find Zoe fast. He hadn't felt that kind of panic since Jamie and his gang had kidnapped them.
“I can feel Zoe thoughts, right now she's seriously distressed,” Glenn offered as explanation, running down the stairs two at a time.

“Thank god, I was starting to worry you guys had no abilities to help you defend yourselves,” Christiana said, floating beside him, easily keeping his pace. It was a little hard to get used too.
“It only works one-way,” Glenn explained, he swung the door open and ignored the harsh wind and kept running. He should've grabbed a jacket too but he doubted he had the time. As he neared the town he felt the distress ebb, replaced by subtle fear. Glenn stepped on it. He didn't know why he was surprised to see Rowan standing in the middle in the street. But Glenn knew Zoe was behind him.
“Vampire snacking?” Christiana suggested casually. Glenn paused in his step. The wind was blowing against him so Rowan wouldn't smell him yet.
“He wouldn't do that,” Glenn whispered and Christiana laughed.
“Clearly you haven't met many vampires. Besides. The moment they taste our blood they can't stop. Regardless of the consequence.” Glenn narrowed his eyes at here, he was getting sick and tired of random nuggets of information without anything concrete.

“I hope you're wrong,” Glenn murmured. He quickly walked to where they were both stood, muscles tensed like crazy. His shoulders were going to hurt tomorrow he knew that much.
“Glenn!” Zoe yelped the moment she spied him over Rowan shoulder. She barrelled into him and he fell to the ground with a lungful less of air.
“What was wrong?” Glenn half wheezed out. Zoe stood up quickly and glanced at Rowan over her shoulder. Had he almost attacked her then? Rowan had that usual indifferent look on his face, which considering the possible situation more than pissed Glenn off.
“Nothing, I just freaked out over shadows,” Zoe answered. Glenn could feel the lie down the link and wondered why. A glance at Rowan who was studying her every movement suggested he needed to leave before she would speak anything near the truth.
“Let's get back to the carnival then, idiot,” Glenn muttered, running a hand through his hair in mock annoyance. If he acted like he believed her story then her tension would ease up a little at least. As they walked back he kept throwing glances at Rowan. He no doubt was aware of it but didn't do anything to indicate it.

“I better head back,” Rowan said when they returned. Though the look he sent Zoe was a very clear sign he intended to continue whatever had been happening earlier. Hopefully it was just a conversation. Glenn opened his mouth the moment the caravan door closed but someone beat him to it.
“Anyone want to explain the midnight antics? Most humans prefer to actually sleep. Especially since it's packing early tomorrow and heading to a new area,” Caric was leaning against the small corridor wall, studying them both evenly. Glenn considered telling him to mind his own business but knew that would only make things worse. Glenn stumbled for a reasonable excuse and gave Zoe a desperate look.

The End

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