Chapter Four part oneMature

Chapter Four

The night air made Zoe pulled her jacket tighter. Calvin had already taken off, heading to a wooded area a few miles away from the encampment. He could've gone another area closer, but she guessed he was sending a clear message. She wasn't allowed to see the other side of him. It made her feel sad that he wanted to hide it. Surely two people should share everything, the good and the bad? Zoe shook her head and released a slow breath, seeing the air fog before her as she did. The grass away from the tents and caravans was already falling pray to the frost. She pulled the hood of her jacket up and continued to stare at moon and stars. She should be in the bar helping Greg serve drinks but she knew he could manage. He did long before she came along anyway.

“You look deep in thought.” Zoe jumped at the disturbance, she'd thought she was alone away from everything. She turned around and spied Rowan sat on top of a nearby caravan.
“Why can't you stay on the ground like a normal person?” she asked, already feeling her neck hair bristle. Not from fear, but annoyance. If he tried to tell her Calvin was bad news again she was going to punch him. And hopefully the element of surprise would be in her favour and she could actually land it. Thus far it hadn't really worked out that way.
“Easier up here. The air down there is filled with human scents,” he replied. He was watching the stars and avoiding her gaze completely. Rowan was hard to read when he was meeting her eye contact. Like this it was near impossible to guess his inner thoughts and feelings.
“I thought born vampires had better control?” she asked, wondering why she was bothering to engage conversation with him. She'd thanked him for saving Calvin, as far as she was concerned she had no reason to listen to him.

“Doesn't mean I'll heedlessly throw myself amongst temptation,” Rowan replied. Using his big words and acting like a Zoe was asking dumb questions.
“Right, well I'll leave you to your boring cliché of being a brooding vampire,” Zoe said, turning to leave. Rowan frowned.
“Who said I was brooding?” he asked, now his brown depths turned on her and she froze mid-step.
“It's the best word that describes you most of the time,” Zoe said with a shrug.
“Thanks,” he muttered. Zoe felt grateful when his gaze turned elsewhere. She hated how her heart rate increased just a little bit when she saw those eyes of his. She continued walking, heading back towards the carnival in progress. She saw the amazement in strangers eyes and remembered when she'd been like that after the show. Before her unfortunate trip to the loo. She shuddered at the memory of Jared and kept walking towards the main tent. When she walked in she saw Elrik doing his usual playing with fire thing. He wore a long sleeve to cover his wristband now. A lesson learnt after Glenn she guessed.

“Back up arrives!” Greg shouts with a grin when he spots her. She turned her attention to the bar and saw the queue forming. She quickly raised the counter and let herself in. She went into automatic, handling drink orders as they came. When they reached closing time Zoe was exhausted, but not tired enough to fall asleep. She went back to the caravan, knowing Caric was probable in his office and that Mira would still be in the dressing room tent. Zoe grabbed her coat and a scarf and walked back outside. Letting the light of the full moon guide her away from he carnival and into the nearby town. Around her people wandered, children talked excitedly about the things they'd seen and done. Zoe smiled at one young girl who was particularly enthusiastic, claiming she wanted to run a carnival one day. Eventually the crowd faded and it was just Zoe hitting the outskirts. There was the nearest forest. The one Calvin had purposely avoided so she wouldn't attempt to see him in his wolf form.

She opened a rickety old wooden gate and went onto the fields, towards the forests. When she reached the first row she ran her hand over the brittle bark. Like most nights she wondered about back home. Did anyone notice their disappearances? She knew Wendy's parents had probably spent loads on missing posters. But what about her and Glenn? Did their mother even know they were missing, or were there half a dozen message in their home explaining delays. Or that she had to stop off somewhere else before getting back. She pulled out her mobile and scrolled down the contacts list.

The End

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